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wordpress iconsThe most effective way of promoting a blog within the community is to seek out other blogs in the same niche  and form blog centered relationships with  bloggers who share the same blogging interests.  Forming blog centered relationships is a natural consequence of posting meaningful comments on posts in the blog you locate.  There are several ways to locate blogs in the same niche revealed in this post. global tag pages

Every time we publish a post with categories and tags assigned to it that post will appear in the global tag pages unless we run afoul of the rules. By visting the global tag pages where where posts are displayed in order of the original date/timestamp you will be able to locate blogs by category/tag. Note:  The display of blogs under the most popular tags is randomized as there are so many posts published every minute.

Provided that your fellow bloggers within the community have assigned relevant categories/tags to their posts then locating similar blogs is quite easily done.

Freshly Pressed

Staff  Editors sift through posts each day and selects posts she likes best for featuring on Freshly Pressed.  Traffic — or “hits” or “Page Views”  — play no part in being picked for Freshly Pressed. It is all about the quality of the post itself.   Keeping your eye on these featured posts may help you locate similar blogs.

Blogs of the Day

WordPress.COM also features:

  • Top Blogs (The most popular blogs are ranked here according to a special formula.)
  • Top Posts (The most popular posts are ranked here according to a special formula.)
  • Growing Blogs (These blogs gained the most popularity recently.)

You may spot similar blogs among these BOTD as well.

Google Search

The easiest way to locate similar WordPress.COM blogs is to use Google Search. Insert any keyword in the blank ______ and take note that there is no space following the colon [:]


Social Media and Social Networking

At the end of the day, if you do not use social media and social networks to promote your blog posts and blog, then you will find building a growing readership is more difficult as the audience you reach will be limited. Social networking tremendously expands the audience you can connect with.

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50 thoughts on “ in house blog promotion

  1. I’ve started a new blog weeks ago which is also an adult industry news blog. It will now be my main blog. Many of the blogs that had linked to me on their blogrolls haven’t linked to me yet even though I made a new sticky post on the first blog. But I already knew it would be starting from scratch again. The new blog gets 1-2 hundred hits a day which is EXTREMELY low compared to my first blog. Since I am limited to where I can promote my second blog and which adult forums haven’t banned me yet, I now see that my main source of traffic is Twitter. We can’t link to adult on Myspace or Facebook but we can from Twitter.

    • @Darrah
      Thanks for sharing your experience here. Blog promotion for adult content blogs must be challenging. It’s interesting but not really surprising that Twitter has become your main source of traffic when I stop to consider it. Thanks again for your comment. :)

  2. Short of words to express my Thanks- I would have never known about this..
    As usual, very informative. I appreciate all your effort with which you compile these posts. Ask any newbie, how much they benefit out of these..
    God Bless..

  3. Thanks again for the help at the forum! (with the personal domain and tagging question)

    And thank you for this very helpful blog, i really have a lot to learn, that’s for sure. But sometimes it is hard to know where to invest the time, this fragrance laidback knowledge enlightens the instincts in the right positive way. :)

  4. Thank you for another great post. I take away something of value from every one you write. The effort you put into the responses you provide to bloggers in your comments area is also remarkable. I learn from these as well.

    There’s a George Eliot quote that I try to keep in mind every day: “What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.” You exemplify that spirit of giving and definitely make life less difficult for many many individuals, including me.

  5. I am saying this, with a chuckle. A good friend of mine had made the suggestion of just aiming to write one good story, a week. He is not a writer and he’s an elderly gentleman from my church.

    [religious reference deleted by timethief]

    He picked up on my personal drive to crank out a story, a day or two. Hence, he suggested one quality story a week, instead. I’ll just say this, “Okay, I’m listening.” :) Now, I need to learn how to pace the rest of my time.

    • I agree with your friend that it’s better to publish a single high quality post every week than it is to publish a lower quality post every day.

    • Why is the fact I said “church” removed? That is where I knew my friend from?

      OOPS! Sorry Barry I was tired. I only meant to delete the sentence following “church” – restored now. TT

  6. Uh, how do I just do a hyperlink of just the story title?? Yike! It seems I’d be better off just giving a link and not cloaking it in a show text.

  7. Hi Timethief,

    I was wondering about the specifics of the Showcase forum. This should make it easier. By the way, I finished that story. It’s the story that makes a reference to your site and is semi related to blogging. :)

    I probably do need to take a break from writing a post. Though, I wonder how you manage to crank out a good story each day? If I have to spend time on just writing then I’d have a hard time with doing the rest of the work of running a blog.

    • I don’t “crank out” a post every day. I aim to post to both blogs twice weekly and usually do, health permitting. My readers have come to understand this and also that one of those posts is likely to be made at the end of the week or on the weekend. :)

        • @Sandra,
          I have been hesitant when it comes to posting a schedule of any kind because I’m concerned that if I am unwell and not able to meet the schedule I don’t want to have to explain why I didn’t post. So I aim for twice weekly postings and one of those postings usually will be at the end of the week or on the weekend.

  8. Jaco, best of luck to locating a tiny set of choice blogs/forums to participate.

    The forums I belong to…I’ve been a participating member range each from 4-6 yrs. long. With bouts of hiatus when life got really busy.

    Since they are cycling forums, I have met people in person from Hawaii, New Mexico, Atlanta, Seattle, Netherlands, Toronto (when I moved away I ended up finding more people!), Vancouver (met people who lived only a few kms. away). So I do consider those forums serving several purposes… well as possible blog readers with similar interests.

  9. @TiTi

    Firstly …I hope you’re starting to feel better …I pray for you everyday ….You’re never far from my thoughts. I have used in house promotion I guess since the beginning, and starting BPD …I now use Twitter as well for promoting. What I haven’t done to the detriment of my blog is seek out blogs in my niche, read and commented on those blogs, a friend once advised I seek out five blogs in my niche, five days a week read and comment. I have been a lazy daisy, and procrastinated in doing that, my blog is going through growing pains so it’s time I get off my butt and get it done. I have had the extraordinary good fortune to have a post go viral ….’nuff said. I guess I will always use in house at WP …but I think it’s time to get to those blogs in my niche …..

    As a side note …You’ve been a hero and role model for me ….OCSBT will aways rock my blogging world. I’m not trying to be effusive…just thought a little honesty might lift your spirits a bit …

    Best Wishes Always….


    • @ Jaco,
      Thanks so much for your affection and concern for me. I value our online friendship very much. The truth is that there is no shortcut to making “actual” friends online. The way that’s done is by locating similar blogs and other blogs of interest and commenting, commenting, commenting.

      My own downfall is that I don’t have enough time in the day to comment on as many blogs as I read (I read over 200 weekly), and help answering questions on support forums, and publish posts. I hope those who follow me here on onecoolsite understand that I’m spread as thin as thin can be. I know those who follow my personal blog understand that I have serious health issues and I’m not always able to do as much commenting as I’d like to do.

      Best wishes always,

      • I’m totally blown away that you read 200 blogs! It shows in the breadth and depth of your writing on both your sites, but I am still blown away. I probably need to learn speed reading. :)

        • @Sandra Lee,
          I am a speed reader. I took a course way back in college and it has served me well. However, I do intend to do some “pruning” in the near future. My aim is to cut that number in half down to 100 per week. What I’m doing now is way too much and my eyesight is suffering.

  10. Re: social networking time- This is why I don’t want to get into Twitter, Facebook unless I absolutely have to..and most likely that would be a business-driven decision. Not for personal reasons (ie. for my personal blog vs. the business blog, the 2nd different blog I manage).

    I just find it more long-lasting, meaningful in social interaction to participate in just a few choice Internet forums that complement a person’s blog(s). At least the content of forums is saved and can be searched with greater flexibility and transparency for the future (meaning years), compared to Facebook (where sometimes you have to become a member to even read the FB interchanges). Some forums have self-policing mechanisms where the membership stops the communication from becoming too degrading/inappropriate/garbled in language. To me, that is alone, start of productive communication/social networking.

    It would be useful to know if people create longer/more carefully phrased messages in Internet forums vs. Facebook.

    • @Jean
      I can’t give you any additional information on Facebook and entries made there simply because I am not a member and don’t wish to become one. There are very few forums that I consider to be worth spending my time on. I am a blogcatalog member but most posts made to their forum are not blogging related. They are primarily social posts so I tend to posts answers to the threads that contain questions are centered on blogging. Generally speaking, I have found that social networking is a huge time suck that doesn’t produce a significant increase in readers. But other bloggers have not had that same experience and when I share mine they become incensed.
      Thanks for your comment. :)

    • That is one thing i have noticed on the wordpress forums people write properly, i seriously can not stand the way people write on facebook the way they shorten words or change their spelling to some junk that is semi close to the way it sounds , i have read some that are total nonsense i tried for ages to work it out but it made no sense to me at all . i don’t know what is wrong with people to make them want to look illiterate when they clearly aren’t .

      • A subset of folks who are too young to recall a time before there was an internet choose to communicate with each other in text speak. That’s fine as long as those they communicate with are in the same subset. I’m not. I refuse to communicate with those who use text speak and any other form of garbled language online. I click “delete” and that’ it. Of course, this does not apply with to those who are learning English as a second or third language.

  11. I was told by you and others in the forums to do these things when i first joined and they really helped me get more views . the biggest ones that work are posting in the showcase forum and joining in the discussions in off topic and commenting on others blogs

  12. Excellent overview, thank you. I’m finding social networking takes a chunk of time and am trying to find ways to benefit from the involvement without going overboard timewise.

    • @Sandra
      I know what you mean by chuck of time. I extremely busy for 3 weeks now and that’s probably not going to let up any time soon as it’s tourist season and business is busy. In addition I have had computer problems and medical appointments too.
      Thanks for the visit. :)

  13. Thank you again for a wonderful article, TT! I really haven’t made enough of an effort to touch-base with other WPers and am encouraged to now. The sheer numbers are just so intimidating!

    Is what you said literally true: “Hundreds of thousands of new blogs are being created every day.”? Or was that an exaggeration?

    Thanks Again!

  14. How are you able to showcase all of the buttons just above (small icons) of facebook and others in your blog? If my blog design doesn’t have the widget, is there a way to find a widget to allow me to put small buttons instead of long phrases on my blogroll? You are so amazingly cool and helpful.

    • @Smitty,
      Hello there. If you mean the social boomark icons in my sidebar, then it’s not a widget per say. I made an HTML table and inserted free icon images from the internet into it. Then I linked the images to my profile pages on the various sites and displayed it in a text widget.
      See here > How to make html tables for your WordPress blog
      And here > Align Images: HTML Tables for Blogs
      If you mean the row of social bookmarks at the end of my posts – we cannot edit our templates so they appear automatically on our posts. We must generate then for every post.
      Create a draft post and when ready to publish of to >
      1. Copy and paste the title of your post into the generator.
      2. Copy and paste the short URL for the post into the generator.
      3. Select which the social media sites you want buttons for.
      4. Select the style you prefer and click a button.
      5. The HTML code appears.
      6. Copy that code, return to your blog post, and switch to the HTML editor.
      7. Paste the social bookmarking code at the end of your post and “save draft”.
      8. Preview the post and if it checks out then click “publish”.
      Other choices are found here >

      I don’t know what you mean by “long phrases in your blogroll”. If you wish you can use linked images rather than words for the entries in your blogroll. > Dashboard > Links > Add new
      scroll down to the “Advanced” Module and in it find “Image Address”. That’s the page we create our Links (Blogroll) on but in order to display it we use a Links widget > Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Links.

      Hope this covers everything. :)

    • @Ian
      You’re right. Thanks so much got pointing that out. I was answering blogging questions on the BC forum at the same time I was composing this post. Well, at least I give consistent advice, eh? lol :D

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