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Blog Promotion: Legal Adult Content Blogs

nude plus size modelsThe most effective way of promoting a blog within the WordPress.COM community is to seek out other blogs in the same niche as our own blog and post meaningful comments to posts in them.  However, those who have blogs with legal adult content have far fewer opportunities to locate blogs within the same niche, and promote their blogs within the WordPress.COM community than bloggers with blogs in other niches do.

Links, Backlinks and PageRank

Links signify relationships and commenting on blogs in the same niche leads to creating relationships with fellow bloggers that may result in backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a website. A backlink is created when another site or a blog links back to your site, and the value of that backlink is related to the PR ( pagerank) of the site linking back to yours. A site with a lot of backlinks implies that many other sites link to that site.

If you want high search engine rankings so your blog will receive more organic (unpaid) traffic it’s important to have backlinks. Google ranks your site from 0 to 10 based in part on the PR of sites that link to yours. If you have backlinks from high PR sites in the same niche then Google will rank your site higher in search engines results, and as your site gets more backlinks Google will see your site as one of increasing importance. This will be reflected in your blog’s PageRank. The more quality backlinks your site has the higher your Google PageRank rank will be, so understanding backlinking, using all means avalaible to locate other blogs within the same niche, and obtaining backlinks is important.

Username Links

back view naked womanLinking your WordPress.COM username to your WordPress.COM blog is the best free advertising you can get. Once your WordPress.COM username is linked to your WordPress.COM blog,  provided that you are signed into WordPress.COM when you post a thread to the forums, or leave a comment in a forum thread, or leave a comment on another WordPress.COM blog, every other member who is also signed on to WordPress.COM will be able to click your WordPress.COM username (which is linked to your blog) and arrive on the front page of your blog.

Provided you do not have a blog with legal adult content then you can link your username to your blog and can post links to your blog posts in the Support ForumsShowcase Forum and in the Off-Topic Forum.  But if you do have a blog with legal adult content you are not allowed to link it to your username or post  links to the blog in the forums.

Freshly Pressed, Top Blogs, Recent Posts and Global Tag Listings

When you publish your posts in our WordPress.COM blogs and assign an appropriate number of relevant Categories and/or Tags to them,  and don’t run afoul of the rules they appear in  in Global Tag Listings under the respective Categories and Tags.  In addition, your posts may be eligible to have your posts and/or blogs selected to appear in Freshly Pressed, Top Blogs, and Recent Posts. However, there is an exception and that exception is blogs legal adult content that have been flagged as “Mature”.

woman and man

“Blogs with legal adult content are not removed, so please do not report these as spam or expect us to suspended them. They are flagged as Mature so that they become less visible to general audiences throughout by being excluded from Top Blogs, Recent Posts and Global Tag Listings.”

Locating  legal adult content blogs within the WordPress.COM community

The easiest way to locate WordPress.COM legal adult content blogs is to use Google Search. Insert any keyword in the blank ______ and take note that there is no space following the colon [:]


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6 thoughts on “Blog Promotion: Legal Adult Content Blogs

  1. After I lost all my traffic after being spanked by WordPress for being an adult blog though I had no porn at all, I then commented on other similar type industry blogs and forums. That’s how anyone in the industry got to know who I am. And by me always linking back to their blogs and forums, they eventually in due time linked back to me. I have come across many obstacles where many mainstream sites and forums will ban me and places like Digg will also ban me. Now I don’t promote my blog as much because I don’t have the time. But many in the porn industry already know who I am. Many despise me while others threaten to sue me. But I’ve already helped many women in this industry and I’ve finally found my calling and a reason to keep on blogging when so many are trying to destroy me.

    • @Darrah
      I concluded that promoting a legal content blog within the community was difficult because the blogs aren’t as visible as those in other niches, and aren’t promoted by You have confirmed that based on experience. I appreciate the fact you did. Thank you.

  2. Timethief once again you put everything so smoothly for us “novices” to understand. I know from my own experiences that commenting on other people’s blogs is one of the easiest way to get hits. More importantly though I have found that not only do I enjoy writing my blog, BUT i enjoy reading other blogs just as much. It’s a window into the world and mind’s of other people. It’s great to see something that you never thought of or a whole new perspective on a subject. Even though I write about “boring” politics I love branching out and reading other subjects that just are not my niche’. As they say variety is the SPICE of LIFE! Thanks Timethief for your awesome advice! Keep up the great work!

    • This post is actually aimed at those new members who do have legal adult content blogs. It stems from the questions we Volunteers answer on the support forum. However, it’s a fact that the easiest way to search for blogs in any specific niche is to use the Google search format I posted above, and it’s also a fact that I meet many bloggers who do not know how to use search engines.

      Insert any keyword in the blank ______ and take note that there is no space following the colon [:]

  3. Obviously the issue of marketing adult content blogs has been raised enough that prompted you to write on this subject.

    Just curious.

    Knowledge is a double-edged sword –especially anything regarding access, technology and sex blogs.

    • Yes, the issue has been raised many times on the support forum and I finally decided to publish a post on the subject.

      When researching this I discovered blogs that were comprised of images and wondered why they lacked any copyright attribution. Also although WordPress.COM renders legal adult content blogs less visible than blogs in other niches, the blogs do have the same “like” buttons and “reblog” buttons on the navigation bar that all other WordPress.COM blogs have.

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