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Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog

hand holding pen writing The blogosphere is full or talented poets and writers in every genera. Never never a day goes by here at or in the blogopshere at large that I don’t discover another 5 star writing or poetry blog.

Social media and social networks are radically changing the way we attract readers to our blogs.  In and of themselves the largest social networks are creating communities within communities. However, if you are a writer or poet focused on improving your writing, getting published or selling your published work,  then you may wish to locate and join smaller social networks specifically for writers and readers. I dedicated some time to researching this topic and have come up with some sites I would like readers to comment on.

Have you joined any of these sites?

Do you know of any social networks sites for poets and writers that you would recommend?

online degree image
100 Hacks to Help You Become A Better Writer – With over 150 fully Accredited Colleges and Universities and over 450 Online Degrees and Certificates in our database to choose from, Online Degree gives you the ability to find and request enrollment and financial aid information from the online program that is right for you … Instantly!

If you write poetry become a member of forums and poetry sites in the niche read and comment on other poets’ works and get exposure for your own poetry.

all poetry imageAll Poetry all levels of poets are welcome. The world’s largest, most active, and most supportive poetry community. Publish your poetry on the web and get feedback from poets. Enter many free contests, or run your own. Learn how to be a better poet in free poetry classes. Free, with optional monthly membership.

LULU Poetry is a social network where contests and daily, monthly and yearly voting and cash awards are featured.

Critters Writers Workshop – Critters is an on-line workshop/critique group for serious Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writers. What that means is… A bunch of writers get together, read each others’ stories and tell the authors how they felt reading their stories.

The ultimate goal of Critters is to help writers improve, not only by having their work dissected by other members, but also by learning to dissect their own work (by, of course, dissecting others). The value of the latter is often overlooked by beginning writers.

Hatrack River Writers’ Workshop – The Official WebSite of Orson Scott Card is a free online forum that includes peer critiques of short stories and novel fragments for writers of science fiction and fantasy. News & Reviews, OSC Library,  Forums, Research Area, Writing Lessons and Writers Workshops.

other worlds imageOther Worlds Writers’ Workshop – The best SF and fantasy genre online writing workshop on the web. Worlds Writers’ Workshop, is a place where serious writers of speculative fiction can polish their skills and learn from each other. Works posted here range from short-shorts to full-length series, from first drafts to finished works in final polishing.Writers will find here Line edits, Story analysis, Story analysis, Technical help, Chat and Discussion. is a site designed for uploading works in progress and completed projects for rating and critique.

  • Free upload to the site of manuscripts, either partial or complete, where our members can rate, review and post comments
  • Self publishing, with the lowest prices available and extraordinary book quality.  Writers have the option to choose NovelMaker as their publisher, with above-standard royalties paid on books purchased in our bookstore, and automatic listing in the online catalog
  • Unique “Agent Search” feature – find the agents looking for the kind of book you are writing.  Order an agent search and you receive a file you can use to perform a mail merge for multiple submissions
  • Community Message Boards where users can join a discussion or create their own discussion topics
  • E-book version of each manuscript and bookstore book (coming soon)
  • Links to other sites that provide useful information for writers
  • Customized “MyPlace” page with your own personal blog, pictures, profile, and more, with links to your manuscripts and bookstore books.

Writers Cafe is an online writing community where writers can post their work, get reviews, befriend other writers, and much more.

  • Post your poetry, short stories, novels, scripts, and screenplays;
  • Get reviews and advice;
  • Enter free writing contests;
  • Join writing groups or start your own;
  • Free online writing courses;
  • Search publishers, literary agents, and literary magazines;
  • Befriend and subscribe to other writers;
  • Discuss writing in the forum;  Save your favorite writing to your own library;
  • Easily share your writing with all your friends.  From your Writer’s Cafe profile page and messaging service  share your work to other social networks through built-in site functions and a  Facebook feed application.

Writing.Com is the online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels. Free memberships are available to everyone. Each membership includes an online writing portfolio, numerous writing tools, email services and the chance to meet and bond with fresh creative minds.

Young Writers Online –  a community of young writers, both new and experienced, dedicated to improving our writing. Members have access to:

  • The Community Forum, for general site, literary, and off-topic discussion.
  • The Writing Forum, for submitting writing and critiquing things posted by other members.
  • Plus the chatroom, contests, exercises, and more!

virtual studio Zoetrope Virtual Studios is a complete motion picture production studio online. It offers powerful collaborative tools for writers, directors, producers and other film artists. It also includes a number of film-related discussion sections and chat rooms.

85 thoughts on “Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog

          • I just can’t believe how much you know. I guess i’m not t a techie – i envy you! And you’re welcome – i would direct anyone to you.

          • Hi again Helena,
            I would be so pleased if you direct other bloggers to my blog.

            I have been here for over 6 years. When I arrived there was one support Staff and one Moderator, one support forum (no sub-forums) and no support documentation, just a single thread of FAQs. The answers provided by myself and other support forum Volunteers eventually made their way into support documentation. has grown a lot since. We Volunteers continue to man the support forums day in and day out providing our knowledge and tips to to those who need them.

            In 2010 founded a Staff blogging tips blog that this blog of mine has had to compete with but my blog is still holding it’s own. Bloggers who post the support forums and receive my help there know where to find my blog and sometimes bloggers I have helped refer other bloggers here as well.

            If you have a question to ask I’ll be happy to either answer it or see to it that someone else does.

          • Thanks timethief! I really appreciate that offer, and of course i would direct others here. It is so clear and easy to use. Well done!

          • HI again timethief – i have a question!
            I’m wondering about changing my blog into a website ie something more static (on WP) as i’m not really a blogger and really just want to showcase my work. Do you think that would be better for what i do?
            I also wonder if i’m giving away too many stories and that i might be better showing just one or two sample stories on a website. Any input very welcome! Thanks!

          • @Helena
            I have not forgotten you. I have been thinking about this and visiting your blog too as I do that. I’m so impressed with your 75 word stories. I love the haiku. I like the way you have structured your blog. Regarding giving away stories, I don’t know how to respond as you write very short stories. I think you are doing fine and I don’t have any suggestions to make. However, I do want to wish you all the best blogging can bring.

      • Hi timethief, please excuse me for jumping in here. I’m engaged in a discussion about poetry online and I wonder if it is possible to tell how many poems there are on WordPress? I guess that the number of posts with poetry as a poetry tag would do it. Is it possible for me to find this data (I’ve tried and failed)? – if so how?

        Thank you kindly.

        Best regards, Richard.

  1. Great resources. It’s always great to find any kind of new way to get my writing out there.

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