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WordPress Apps: Blogg1ng 0n th3 g0

Blogg1ng 0n th3 g0

by Guest Author Christian of

Times are dark. Things like “work” and family. Keep us from what is really important in our lives…

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Those elongated forms of self expression stretching over time. But the thing is we aren’t ever at our computers anymore. We find it frustrating to have to log in and the go to your site then edit. There has to be a easier quicker way, that is portable and easy to access.

Well there is.

I’m going to introduce three examples:

wordpress androidJohn is an insurance broker with an android based phone and a netbook running linux. He has been procrastinating new posts on his blog because he is never at home or on his PC. Well the solution is quite simple for John. He can start by adding the WordPress app to his android phone. This will allow him to quickly check his comments and write posts even add photos from anywhere he can find a signal. If he doesn’t have a signal he should download BloGTK save  drafts at the office and just click publish when he gets home.

wordpress iphoneos
Meet Jenny she was at the top of her game with blogging reaching 200 page views per day. That is until she had 3 children they keep her so busy. Even for a stay-at-home-mom it seems hard to blog nowadays. Luckily the intuitive iPhone app for wordpress is there waiting for her to download it for free. Now while she waits for Sam to finish soccer practice she leisurely sit and writes her next hit post.

wordpress blackberryLastly meet Kyle. He is a lawyer with a windows based laptop and a blackberry for all those emails. He would love to start a blog about law and being a lawyer. But where can he find the time he only has an hour before the court meeting (he has an obsession with being early). During that hour he eats a snack and relaxes. Instead of seeping an hour away John can install WordPress for Blackberry and start typing away at what the prosecution is. He can write afterwards when he goes to Starbucks for a coffee as well if he hasn’t furnished yet. Or even save a as a draft and use MS Writer to finish and publish it via WiFi at Starbucks.

So reader as you can see there is always time, and with a little bit of effort you can go a long way.

Check out WordPress’ apps page for more awesome free goodies!

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13 thoughts on “WordPress Apps: Blogg1ng 0n th3 g0

  1. Thanks for the nice article on mobile blogging; but am I correct if I say WordPress still ignores someone with a windows phone?

    • Try this

      First step: get moblog installed on your windows mobile device. moblog available .

      Step two: Log into your wordpress blog through the interweb and go to the admin panel dashboard thing. Then, in the writing post settings there should be an option about posting using xml-rpc, make sure that this is turned on or you’ll get the “there was an error” error message when trying to connect.

      Part three: Back in moblog, create a new profile and enter the details for your blog (the login address field only needs to be the root folder, no need to link directly to any php files).

      Lastly: Write some posts, writing of the body is done in html so that you can customise the layout, and check it in the preview.
      Once you’re happy you can publish it. It will then appear in wordpress, it also delays putting it live for a few hours to give you chance to check it.

      Job done

      Hope this was helpful

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