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Email a friend for bloggers

Update: See > GetsocialLive Customization, Toolbars, Buttons

From time to time bloggers post to the support forum asking if there is an automatically appearing icon for an “email to a friend” feature they can use on their posts. does not support this feature at this time but may in the future.

A very simple text link  or linked image workaround provided by a fellow blogger, Richard that you can use to add this feature to your posts manually using the HTML editor.

In order to post this code here without having it execute I will use an image. Please click the image for greater clarity.

email a friend HTML text link  code

email a friend text link HTML code

Replace the “” with the link to your post, and then replace the “Email This to a Friend” with the text you wish.

This is what the text link will look like, but do not forget that you will be linking it to your post. Email this to a friend

email icon You could also do it with an image if you wished by adding the img src etc. to it.

email iconEmail to a friend The result will look like this.

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17 thoughts on “Email a friend for bloggers

  1. timethief,

    Hi, and I’ll take this opportunity to say Thanks for all you do. I am always reading your input whenever I go to the web with an issue. As now…I followed your instructions about emailing friends. Was able to do that for myself (actually, it’s me writing this: spirit2go, not cathryn), but I was able to add the data to a text widget. Mine is great, but when I go into Cathryn’s dashboard and test sending the email, it shows that it’s coming FROM arlene1[at] (me) rather than Cathy’s email address. I can’t find anywhere to change this. I created her blog for her and set us both up as administrators. Have been able to do everything else fine this way. Also, a side question, you have to actually do this manually on each blog post, or it will just email the whole blog site, correct?

    • @Cathryn
      I can’t help with the first issue. The answer to the second one is “yes” you do have to insert the code into every post.

  2. TiTi,
    I got it…I downloaded the getsociallive software from their site ..and it has an option to “email to a friend”…just added in my post title and link and wallah there was a code to enter in the html editor. Its got a pic too….I have just added it to my latest post. Check it out :)

    p.s. the first comment ran twice by mistake sorry about that.

    • Hi Zeenat,
      Yes I have been to your blog and I see the email to a friend icon from getsociallive. It looks great.
      Re: your second comment. No problem I deleted the duplicate comment.

      • I’m a bit confused. I use GetSocialLive all the time and I can’t find a “email to a friend” function. When I go to Zeenzat’s blog, I do see such a feature added beneath the GetSocialLive buttons, but my browser’s status bar show’s the that the linked address refers to AddToAny instead. I’m not very familiar with AddToAny, so my confusion persists. :???:

        • @izmaakmak
          You are right – it’s confusing. They “email to a friend” icon does not appear on the getsociallive generator page. The difference is that Zeenat downloaded the software to her own computer and apparently that version includes the “email to a friend” icon which is linked to AddtoAny. If you do not want to download software then you can use the workaround. I hope the “email to a friend” icon will appear on the getsociallive generator page soon.

  3. Hi! I subscribed some time ago. Just wanted to pop in and tell you how useful your blog is and how much I appreciate all the help you give us on the forums. I also read about your loss – I am very sorry, life can be very tough at times. Hugs, Jonie

    • @Jonie
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me this comment. I really appreciate receiving positive feedback – who doesn’t? I visited your blog and it’s lovely. Best wishes for happy blogging.:)

  4. HI TT,
    this is such an awesome tip! Just yesterday i was googling away to find out how to add an email to a friend link..and see here you are giving it away so simply. In fact yesterday..when i couldn’t really understand half of the stuff I read about this(my technically challenged side), i thought i would just post a question in the forums here on…but see now i dont need to do that.
    Am gonna try it..and will be back if i get stuck some where :)
    Thank you so much for this. Youre the best!
    Much Love,

    • Hello Zeenat,
      Well that’s serendipitous. I have a little collection of tips and tweaks to share and weekends seem like a good time for posting them. If there’s anything your are particularly looking for please let me know. Thanks for the praise. You’re the best too. :)
      Love, TiTi

  5. @TiTi
    This is a very useful tip. Another way to reach out and touch someone with what they find as a helpful post. Thank you for this!

    Continued Success…

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