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Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp San Francisco 2010

Matt Mullenweg discusses the year past and year ahead for the WordPress community in his keynote presentation at WordCamp San Francisco 2010. He highlights things to come and things that have been happening in the WordPress community.

Among the features of WordPress 3.0 are Custom Posts Types. WordPress major releases will reduce to two major releases per year.

BBPress will will be a in the form of a WordPress plugin in the future.

Matt Mullenweg talks about “Twenty Ten” for WordPress 3.0

WordCamp San Francisco 2010 Photos
The goal is to replace Twenty Ten next year and new default theme every year.

Interview BuddyPress, WordPress Foundation

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7 thoughts on “Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp San Francisco 2010

  1. Ooooh, thanks for those extra links, Slik Bonez! Going off to check them out.

    It seems to me that the Menu Editor is integral to v3, whereas BuddyPress is an add-on, so I would find it odd that it wouldn’t be integrated into But here anything is possible, not probable.

  2. First of all, I was surprised to see you’ve switched to the dark version of this theme. How are you finding it in terms of readability?

    Very curious to see when the new “edit menu” module will be implemented on Perhaps this is what Matt Thomas meant when he said “there’s more coming with the menu, but give us a few days”.

    • @justjennifer
      I didn’t switch permanently. Sometimes I feel like clicking the button and rendering the theme dark for the night. I find this balck theme version to be very readbale, unlike most. It’s the color of the text that’s key to readbility.

      Re: What Matt Thomas said: I wasn’t aware of that remark. Maybe so. I can only hope so as the editor and I have issues. ;)

    • I am also excited to see if the “Menu Editor” will be added to but it might be like BuddyPress which hasn’t seen the light of day on = (

      • @slikbonez
        I don’t know what it is or how to use it even if we do get it. That’s why I lack any excitement about the possible introduction of a “Menu Editor”.

        If you would be kind enough to explain what it is and how it will assist me and my readers in our blogging, then I’d love to hear it and I’m sure they would feel the same way. (HINT) :)

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