Social Media and SEO

twitter bird iconGoogle attempts to offer, the best service possible for those using their search engine by having the most relevant, and most useful search results. The most important factor contributing to your Google ranking, is reader-friendliness, and naturally acquired organic links are the best kind of links because they indicate that real people are showing an interest in your content, right?

Prior to Twitter and microblogging authority was derived from creating high quality content containing authoritative links that got backlinks. These days we are witnessing the power of  social media broadcast range. Tweets, retweets and “likes” are having their effect on linking patterns and the SERPs that bring readers to blogs.

These days are not the good old days of blogging. We have entered a new era and  it sometimes seems those who can assimilate the biggest army so-called friends and followers who may chat their faces off on Twitter and on Facebook, who will who click retweet to extend the broadcast range, but who may never actually visit the posts and leave a comment are “moving up”.

1.   SEO is No Longer Just About Search Engines

Bloggers don’t link out as much – or in the same way – as they used to. … More socially-worthy pieces never get touched by bloggers, because we’re already dropping it on our Twitter feeds and sharing on Facebook. This has changed the way we link out on the web and how we show we “trust” a website. For Google to get a true appropriation of how their users view the web, they have to incorporate these new psychological linking tendencies into the SERPS. — How Google Will Use Social Media to Impact Organic Search

There has been a lot of talk of Facebook “likes” and Twitter retweets taking the place of links. Nobody’s saying that links are dying exactly. … Before Facebook even announced its plans to take over the web, WebProNews talked with Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz about how Twitter is “cannibalizing the Web’s link graph” —  Are Likes and Retweets the New Links?

2.  Blogs versus Web Sites

If you’ve been neglecting your blog in favor of faster and simpler social media outlets like Twitter, you may want to rethink your strategy. — Six reasons SEOs love blogs

3.   Google Webmaster Tools tutorials

Google Webmaster tools provide you with a window into the workings of your site, and show you how to make it more reader and search engine friendly.

4.   The importance of learning and applying SEO

Engines change their algorithms, search trends change based on user behavior, and competition can be fierce.  Regardless of your commitment or involvement in your SEO effort, you need only remember three things to be SEO earnest: stay relevant, stay accessible, and stay focused on outcomes. — The importance of being SEO earnest

…  over the last 6 months I and other SEO’s have seen massive fluctuations in rankings suggesting a new way of ranking sites and determining traffic.  Well, this is what I suspect, Google have confirmed nothing yet or any other SEO authority but the evidence I have seen strongly suggests rotational rankings. —  The End Of Google Rankings As We Know It! Rotational Rankings?

5.     What’s new in Keyword selection?

Soovle is a customizable engine that unites the suggestion services from all the major providers in one place: Google, Bing, Amazon,, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube. I found the tool to be a major help for search and content creation inspiration. — Soovle: Have Fun with Your Keywords

6.     Link Building Strategies

… a detailed breakdown of all link major link building tactics, accompanied by an analysis of return on time investment in addition to the possibility of incurring a penalty from a search engine. — Analyzing the 9 Most Common Link Building Strategies

Discussion questions

1.   How much time do you spend daily on social media promoting the posts of followers and friends?

2.    Has this investment of your time into social media resulted in progress in terms of more traffic? more readers and subscribers? more backlinks? other?

3.    Since the advent of social media and your participation in it,  has the frequency of your own publishing  increased or decreased?

4. Since the advent of social media and your participation in it, has the quality of the articles you published increased, decreased, or remained the same?

5.   Have you observed posts with quality content (your own or created by others) not receiving the attention you thought it deserved?

6. Have you noticed the opposite ie. low quality and no quality articles rising to the top?

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29 thoughts on “Social Media and SEO

  1. SEO and Social Media interaction is a continuous circle. The content’s keywords identify the content as being relevant to the Social Community and Search Engines. The content developed for Social Media is beneficial to the SEO programs ability to deliver targeted traffic to the web site through improved Search results.

  2. Nice post, very useful information here..The best service possible for those using their search engine by having the most relevant, and most useful search results…I appreciate it. :)

  3. My site has been up and going only since the beginning of October, but I’m already seeing Facebook take over for my particular site. For the past three weeks, Facebook has been outpacing all other forms of referral sites. I get about 25% of my traffic from Facebook and those visitors are at the head of the class in terms of bounce rates, time on site, visits, and pages per visit. It’s not sending me new users but the depth and quality make up for that.

    I just have new posts set up to post to my site’s facebook page and then they get automatically tweeted to the twitter account. I don’t connect much on twitter, just through facebook. I’ve noticed that most of the collaborators on my blog have facebook, not twitter accounts. Seems to be better for the photography niche since you can incorporate images. Therefore, after just a month of traffic patterns, I’m starting to see that I need to concentrate on facebook and take what traffic I can get off of other sites like stumbleupon and twitter.

    I’m lucky in that I can utilize Stumbleupon to extend my reach as it works well with images and not text. But it largely leaves me out of the Digg game. I don’t even post to Digg, really, which could be to my detriment.

    Since much of my work on the social networking sites is set up to post automatically, it doesn’t take up that much time. I try to utilize a personal touch in responding to people who submit images to the site because it’s an effort to do that and that is ultimately the community I want to invest in. I make sure that the praise and thanks I give is visible on the blog and on the facebook page. This sends a strong signal to those looking at my site through the news feed on facebook.

    My hope is that all of these little things add up. So far, referral sites have been driving my traffic by 3-1 so I’m going to keep riding that horse.

    1. Thanks for weighing in on this and sharing your experience. I appreciate it. Best wishes with your blogging.

  4. Thank you timethief for an excellent blog, for those of us that are not technical minded it is a great benefit because we can understand what you are blogging about and not be left in maze of jargon, thinking “oh s*** what does that mean”.

    1. @The Truth Teller
      Thanks do much for taking the time to leave me this positive feedback. I appreciate it. :)

  5. Hi timethief,

    Thank you very much for including Search Engine Guide in your article!

    1. @Robert Clough
      You’re most welcome. :) I am a faithful Search Engine Journal reader. As I’m only a blogger who is self taught from online resources, and as I’m an introvert I don’t post comments as I have nothing of value to add to the discussion. However, I read and I learn from the information in the posts and from the discussion that takes place in the comments. This is the first time I have posted an article on what I have been learning and I wasn’t sure if my readers would appreciate it or not. The number of comments received indicate that there is an interest in the topics so I will publish future articles as well.

  6. internetzanatlija May 17, 2010 — 1:19 pm

    Very nice read :)

    Social Media is important but time consuming and not always effective, but it is surely one way to spread the word about blog. Social Media traffic might overpass search engine traffic soon.

    1. Yes indeed it may. Check out the Facebook search stats and the Google comparison. ;)

  7. No doubt that social media not only give an instant traffic but also provide some good link juice that ultimately increases search engines ranking of sites.

    I am personally a big fan of Social media marketing , Article marketing and decent blog commenting for SEO purpose.

    1. @mudassar
      The instant “traffic” you refer to tend to be ad clickers who are into reciprocal click fraud arrangements. In some countries fraud and the graft are the status quo, and people form those countries enter the internet and bring their lack of ethics and integrity with them.

      Also in countries where there are high employment rates there are high gullibility rates are also high, so the people from those countries are easily brainwashed into believing they can get a free blogs and make an income from PPC, advertising and affiliate schemes.

      The “good link juice” comes from high authority blogs and does not flow to other blogs in the niche, unless the bloggers with high authority blogs choose to backlink to posts that others in the niche publish.

      I’m personally not a fan of the scammers, spammers, fraud artists and internet marketers, who have overtaken Twitter, Facebook and almost every other social networking site.

      Article writing is a notoriously lowly paid way of making money online.

      Lastly, I don’t comment for SEO purposes. I comment only when I have something of value to add to discussion.

  8. I am so intrigued by all this SEO stuff. I am literally blank about it all. As for social media…i think I love facebook, twitter and stumble in this regard. I must admit the beginning when i started my blog..i found it difficult to self promote..but then i read somewhere..that shameless self promotion is necessary atleast till you establish your brand.
    I have social media all active and working…now its time to learn about SEO. Hence your tips and links are awesome! I am gonna go and check them out and really study this when i get more time.
    Thank you as always for this.
    Much love,

    1. @Zeeant
      Hello there. I’m happy to hear your are intrigued by search engine optimization. Learning basic SEO is worth the effort and those who already write well will find it’s not much of a stretch at all. Applying basic SEO to your posts means you have addressed the most important factor in blog promotion ie. getting your content properly indexed and made available to those who are using search engines to locate specific content.

      If I may be so bold as to caution you then do know that there are people who are obsessed with search engine positioning and they game the system by using both gray area and black hat techniques. I don’t. I strictly stick to using basic white hat SEO techniques which can all be found in the central Google Webmaster’s blog and in Google’s and Bing’s SEO guides.

      I suggest that you begin with this post > and you will find other under the subheading “SEO Tips” on this page

      I don’t love social media or social networks. I do love some of the people I have met through stumbleupon and their blogs. However, I am unable to establish a true relationship with any other person by using 140 character blurts on Twitter. I admire those who can but I can’t.

      When I do have time to socialize I do that here at because we do not have the 140 character limitation and the frustrations of Twitter, and because we are able to chat on a wide range of subjects.

      Love and peace,

  9. Hi again Dave,
    Withe regard to search engine referrals wordpress stats do not provide such a breakdown so I really can’t say because I don’t have access to the metrics for search engine referrals.

    The thing about bloggingtips blogs is that they are like revolving door blogs. Bloggers blogging in other niches have no inclination to publish posts and backlink to the posts they find on my blog that helped them with their blogging issues. This is simply because both blogs are in different niches so such a post would not be relevant to most of their readers. Luckily some bloggers choose to blogroll link to my blog and for this I am most grateful.

    With regard to competition almost all other blogs in the blogging tips niche are monetized and most are also make money do-follow blogs. The make money niche is the largest niche of all and is filled with those who consider themselves to be blogging professionals. They not only constitute their own closed community within the niche but they are also the majority. They use social media very heavily every day as they are money motivated to do so.

  10. I must say social media has had very little impact in my site(s) getting found. Facebook is the best in this regard, Twitter has had a marginal effect. However, I had a website built on Joomla without a blog for years, and I struggled to get it out to the world. As soon as I added a word press blog to it (just a few weeks ago), it reached people. It was kind of ridiculous really! :D Previously, the best way to get found when that site is concerned, was the relevant Wikipedia-page for the subject. Unfortunately, the main English page (for Barbie doll) is locked from public editing, so I can’t add a link to that, so my English readers were completely unaware of the site until the launch of the blog – which I haven’t even started to promote yet!

    1. @Sebastyne
      Social media has not had a major impact on my blogs either. Twitter has virtually no impact on this blog. From time to time I get a couple of clicks in from twitter. From time to time a post does get stumbled and that’s about it.

      What a wordpress boost story that new Barbie blog of yours is. Best wishes with it. :)

      1. Well I’ll never look down on a blog again – I really didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. I had the same articles on the site, and I just copied them to the WP and voilá. It’s not like I suddenly started writing better. :p (But the mention of Heidi Klum helped a lot too. XD)

        1. Aside from the Heidi Klum mention what do your attribute the increase in traffic to? Surely it can’t be just a change in software to a install can it?

          1. Honestly, I don’t know how or where people found it. I did stumble it, and some of the traffic came from Stumble, but not all of it. And as a habit, I put in the long list of ping servers into any installation so who knows, maybe that helped? This was before I even created a link from the main site to the blog, because I wanted to put some content on it before linking it. :D
            It’s not like it’s massively popular or anything, just that it reached a completely new audience compared to my regular crowd, which was exactly what I was after. The site is going through some big changes now, so everything is kind of in a work in progress mode, but I will blog about what ever I find out – on a different blog. (Linked from my name.)

        2. @Sebastyne
          I’m linked to sebbie on the webbie so I’ll be reading. :)

      2. If social media has not had a major impact on your blog, what would you say does have a major impact in promoting your blog?

        1. @Dave
          I have yet to find a successful way to promote the posts I publish in this blog. Thank goodness I do have regular readers and subscribers.

          Stumbleupon occasionally brings it traffic. However, that traffic is not off-set by the hours I have spent there reviewing other bloggers’ posts.

          Twitter accounts for the odd click in. But once again the odd click I do get is in no way justified by the continual retweeting I have done of other blogger’s posts there.

          When I answered blogging questions on the BlogCatalog forum this blog did benefit. At present the community is a significant source of the traffic to this blog, and therein lies the answer to your question.

          When I help other bloggers by answering questions on blogging forums this blog experiences traffic. As answering questions in public places and spaces is a voluntary act, in essence, I work for the traffic that this blog gets by answering blogging questions and providing blogging advice.

          1. Thank you for your answer.

            You offer something of value, so there is every reason you should have regular readers. I guess this begs the question of how you gained your regular readers – how did they (and how do they) find you?

            Do you think being on is a big factor in this? Or do they mostly find you through the search engines?

  11. Thank you so much, timethief! This is illuminating as always. Looks like I should have a closer look at those damn webmaster tools instead of just fuming that it takes ages to pick up links and seems to be picky about them, too.

    About keywords, I just read about a research project at a German university where they want to try to create a semantically better search by utilizing keywords.

    1. @TaleTellerin
      G’day to you and thanks for the feedback. Webmaster tools are very useful and information found at Webmaster Central is very helpful too.

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