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Passionate Blogging: Extraordinary Content

Passionate Blogging and Extraordinary Content

by Guest Author joer 223

hand holding pen writingWell, I was thinking as a new blogger that I didn’t want to write a Mom and Pop blog where I’m posting family pictures or blogging about my personal life and all the things that are going on or not going on in my life. I wanted to be able to contribute something that was useful, something of content, something that was interesting and thought provoking to gain readership. And I think every new blogger is confronted with the question “well, what should I blog about?”

Not an easy question to answer. The blogosphere is so immense every topic you can think of has probably been written about. Blogging can be overwhelming in the beginning as you try to immerse yourself in the blogosphere and sort out what you want to say and how to say it. I think new bloggers who might take blogging seriously are confronted with how to make an impact. In what way can I make my blog interesting and effective in reaching readers? So I think a lot of thought should go in to what one wants to write about. And I’m not talking about blogging as way of earning money, but as a way to try and say something that matters. Blogging offers us the opportunity to potentially reach a lot of people, so why not say something that matters!

I’ve spent the morning reading various blogs, looking for some insight into blogging, and what it necessarily takes to become a successful blogger. One thing I found was passion. Authors were generally passionate about the subjects they chose to write on. In finding a niche I think it begins with a passion for something that matters to us, and using that passion to form ideas, and present them in such a way that those ideas will matter to potential readers.

While it’s important to post extraordinary content, I think it’s vitally important to write with passion as well. With passion comes extraordinary content. Whether your passion is for the spiritual, the technical, the humane, or the abstract we all burn with a flame inside of us, coupled with our life experiences and skills we will have what it takes to produce killer content.

I found too that it’s important to write everyday, not to post everyday but to write, whether it’s for an hour a day, or twenty minutes a day, just write. The more we write the more our writing skills will improve. And the easier it will be to write. As it becomes easier to write, the better we can formulate our ideas in a clear way, and present them to our audience.

As I contemplate my own blog, I am faced with finding new ideas for writing, but as I made my way through the blogosphere this morning I came across something someone said, “There are no new ideas, just new ways of presenting old ideas”. What a relief it was to read that gem! I now realize that apart from my own ideas, I can be inspired by what other bloggers have authored, not by simply regurgitating what they have said, but by expounding on and approaching their ideas from another perspective. Maybe in this way I can find my own voice. And one of the beautiful things that blogging gives us, it gives us a voice. And let’s face it we all want to be heard.

Just floating that out there…



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15 thoughts on “Passionate Blogging: Extraordinary Content

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  3. In the article link you just gave above, timethief, I like this excerpt:

    “..Because you shouldn’t have to look at your blog like it is a treadmill. “

    • @Jean
      I like that one. I like them all and particularly this one:

      “Because if you blog without obligation you will naturally keep your blog around longer, because it won’t be a chore. Plus, just think you will be doing your part to eradicate post pollution. One post at a time. . . “

  4. Farnoosh, it sounds like your friend who has a genuine love for writing, might be overwhelmed by the thought of placing her words out in the public. Maybe she could use some encouragement that she can create her blog privately for friends to comment and then change it to public viewing for a broader audience.

    I wanted to blog but was uncertain for several months what would fire me up to create and blog-write. The answer was staring in my face: for the little company that my partner runs. Then we both realized that some of my personal interests were deviating from the corporate mandate, so I created a 2nd blog.

    The daily blog journal is great for folks. But for myself, I run the risk of becoming repetitive in writing style and monotone in topics based on keeping a handwritten journals years ago.

    Hence, I only blog-write when there is a theme/topic for either blog and only if the topic interests me. Hence, only a few blog posts every month. If I’m not interested/passionate, the blog will be flat as a buckwheat pancake.

    A few blog posts every month: what do other bloggers think? I’m interested in thoughts..


  5. @Farnoosh I hope your friend started again and didn’t give up, I hope she was able to publish her poetry.
    I agree with you 100% that success is not a zero sum game. I don’t think success is a measuring stick of who we are, and if we meet with success in blogging, or anything we do in life, it should be met with a certain amount of humility, awe, and gratitude. We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. I agree we’re here to share something with one another. It’s not about who’s blog is more popular, but about who we are, and what we have to contribute and share. And in that sharing should be our love and passion.
    Blogging can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to post good content, and post often. My approach is to take my time with things, and post what I think may be interesting and helpful. And certainly I will always try to write with passion. In doing so I can only hope my personality comes through, for there is my voice. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post an sharing your views. Wishing you much continued success.

  6. Blogging can be overwhelming. I spent over an hour with an Iranian friend who wanted to write Persian poetry for the Iranian community. I explained as much as possible to her and gave her a tour of the basics and wanted to check on her again. In a few weeks she came back to me and had already given up without starting. She was simply overwhelmed (I do blame myself still)….What is this need to compare ourselves and be as witty or as artistic or as cool or as popular….this isn’t highschool. We are all grown and mature and we are here to share something – and success is not a zero sum game. There is more than enough of it to go around for everyone and I do agree, passion and writing about what we love is most important….

  7. @Cindy, As a side note, my success as a blogger would depend on my readers. Where would the blogger be without his or her readers? Part of that success is being thankful for his or her audience.

  8. @Cindy, thank you so much for the compliment, glad you enjoyed the post. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. Hearing such kind and encouraging words is a great inspiration.
    Wishing you all the best.

  9. I truly believe the best bloggers are people who are passionate and that you can hear their voice in their blogging. I enjoyed your post and you mentioned that you are new blogger. I think there maybe great things in store for you as your style is appealing and I heard your passion in the post. Best wishes to you.

  10. @CCR Thank you for your insight! Sometimes it’s difficult for us to define our true passions and incorporate them into our lives. I’m happy to know that your passion for the culinary arts has inspired you to share with us a healthier way of cooking and eating, and how that has inspired your blogging!
    I’m anxious to try some of the recipes I found there :)

    @Zeenat, thank you for your kind and heartfelt words, you’re right in stating that passion drives our successes in life, I couldn’t agree more! I like what you said about being heard, it is a indeed a validation of our ideas! Great insight. I’m looking forward to reading your article on passion in personal development. Wishing you continued success!

  11. Hi joer223,
    Your are very wise for noticing that passion is what drives you to true success in blogging and in all aspect of your life.
    In fact not too long ago I wrote about passion from a personal development stand point. Do check it out if you have the time.
    As for being heard…now that so so true! added to that its the validation to our ideas when someone agrees with us that makes it all the more sweet …right :)
    Here’s wishing you immense blogging and all success!
    Much Love,

  12. Passion indeed! I have a passion for food, cooking, and eating that as been with me since early childhood. And now I have a passion for healthy cooking and eating, and this new found passion has folded into my blogging, as it is really a reflection of my life now.

    And you touched on another great point, to be really successful in anything in life, either blogging, or not, you have to have a passion for the subject.

    Bon appetite!

  13. Timethief, in the vast realm of cyberspace, if only for a fleeting moment, you gave me a voice.
    I’m honored, grateful, and humbled….

    Much continued success, and good things for you always…


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