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iPad Scam: Malware Alert

Image by Qiao-Da-Ye賽門譙大爺 via Flickr

Criminals are sending out emails instructing iPad users to download and install a new version of iTunes for Windows. A link in the email takes users to a very realistic fake copy of the iTunes website. … The downloaded ‘update’ installs malware, steals passwords and serial numbers for installed Windows software and more much more … >> iPad Email Update Scam

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5 thoughts on “iPad Scam: Malware Alert

  1. If there is a will there is a way.

    Ironic (somewhat) how it targets Windows users using the iPad and not the actual Apple customers.

  2. Aprils been a nasty month for attacks in one form or another on just about everything and everyone. Lot’s of new and very nasty stuff emerging. A solid firewall anti virus is an absolute requirement any more. It’s pretty frightening how many people still don’t have adequate protection for their personal computers. And in many cases even the basic knowledge of how to recognize a suspicious pop up or “deal”. These criminals-hackers aren’t “sharing the love” that should be obvious.

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