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GetSocialLive: Customization, Toolbars, Buttons

GetSocialLive: Customization, Toolbars, Buttons

by Guest Author Hillel Stoler

Hi there onecoolsitebloggingtips readers! My name is Hillel Stoler, I’m a mechanical engineer and a business technology consultant from Tel-Aviv. I’m also the creator of GetSocial and GetSocial Live – free social bookmarking applications for blogs.

Two years ago, when I published the first version of GetSocial, timethief was the first to blog about it. Today, I’m delighted to have this guest post about the future of GetSocial published in her blog.

Where we are

When I was laying down the design for the first version of GetSocial I had to make a tough decision concerning the correct balance between functionality and usability. GetSocial started as a desktop application, and I wanted it to be as simple and straight forward as possible.

Over time, GetSocial Live (the web equivalent of GetSocial) was launched. The interface was simplified from wizard to single page, and most of the code was translated to JavaScript directly from the original version over the course of one weekend.

Making a website is nothing like making a desktop application, and while GetSocial Live gains in popularity, the old interface is rapidly becoming obsolete. In the two years GetSocial was around, the social bookmarking world itself has changed greatly. Some networks were shutdown (Magnolia, furl) and new players emerged. There has also been a shift from social bookmarking services (such as Digg and StumbleUpon) to social networks (like Facebook) and micro blogging services (Twitter, Google Buzz).

Where we’re headed

My future work on GetSocial Live is going to be focused on three fields: Customization, Features, and Graphics. One of the things I would like to do is separate GetSocial Live into sections, where you’ll be able to perform customizations, generate toolbars and create single buttons.


In the next versions of GetSocial Live you’ll be able to choose which networks will be included in your toolbar, select the order of appearance and set HTML properties such as alignment. Since I don’t like logins and passwords (which will also slow down the process) I will create a linking system that will allow you to configure your toolbar once and then bookmark the result. When you’ll want to generate another toolbar you’ll be able to go directly to your pre-configured GetSocial Live page.


Once users are allowed to choose the buttons they want, I’ll be able to add more options to choose from (new networks, 3rd party services). In addition to social services, we’ll be seeing more general functionality such as ’email a friend’ and ‘save as PDF’ buttons. There are many great services out there, many of which are currently unavailable for users. I would like to change that!

A few days ago I’ve added the new ‘Facebook Like’ button to GetSocial Live. You’ll notice that it’s based on a php minisite that handles the scripts outside of your blog. Hopefully, this is the first in a series of off-site functionality.


I personally love the current look of the GetSocial buttons (well, I’ve made them myself after all), but I’m not a graphic designer, and cannot compete with professional designs. Besides, I would really like to see some fresh graphics!

I’m still considering the use of freeware designs, but maybe I’ll just throw a design contest and make the wining graphics available to GetSocial Live users. In order to maximize theme compatibility I require that all new designs will have transparent alpha channel backgrounds. If you want to see your design on GetSocial Live, contact me!

Where we’ll be soon

In the near future I intend to add two new toolbars to GetSocial Live. The first is a four functions widget featuring ‘Add to Favorites’ , ‘Email to a Friend’ , ‘Printer Friendly Version’ and ‘Save as PDF’, and the second is a Facebook/Twitter button. Here are some early graphics for the new toolbars:

getsociallive toolbar graphics

What else

I would like to take this opportunity and remind you that I’m always looking forward to your feedback. I’ve recently added a Kampyle feedback system to GetSocial Live, so feel free to use it! Also, please keep in mind that GetSocial is a donationware and depends on your donations to remain alive and free.

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9 thoughts on “GetSocialLive: Customization, Toolbars, Buttons

  1. Thank you so much. The ability to select individual networks will be wonderful. So glad that this is being added to So much seems to centred on .org, leaving those of us who don’t know code out in the cold.

    • @Karen
      No. You misunderstand. This is not being added to blogs by management and Staff. This is a third party service provided by Hillel Stoler. It is a free standing service and supported only by donations.

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  3. Hillel, congratulations! This is great news. I know we chatted before in the comments here and I was waiting to see what the new updates would be and you did not disappoint. I’ll spread the word about this and maybe some of the designers that follow me on Twitter will reach out to you.

    Thanks for this guest post Time Thief!

  4. Hillel, what a great service you’re offering. I just Tweeted about this and will be happy to continue getting the word out. As I’m a new blogger, I hadn’t heard about GetSocial, so I’m looking forward to getting familiar with it. Best of luck in your work. And thanks, timethief, for this guest post.

  5. Hello TT, & Hillel,

    This is great news to hear that Getsocial Live will soon have a customization option for the tool bar as well as new icons I have been following the progress of Get Social since the beginning and can sure say that that you have taken this Bookmark bar service to new levels for since the beginning and I thank you for this. = )

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