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Facebook ‘like’ button for

flower and petalsI don’t have a Facebook account but many bloggers do and some have been visited the forum fretting about the lack of a Facebook ‘like’ button.  Well the news for users  is that you can now generate the new Facebook ‘like’ button using GetSocial Live!

Where will the data go?

Now I have made that announcement, I wonder who really needs this button and who has access to the data? Why are Facebook users are so eager to tell the world all the things they like, even when they’re not on the Facebook site?

Welcome to the Facebook-powered Web. By accident, I’d stumbled onto the very thing I’d planned to blog about this morning: Facebook’s “Like” button program — what in hopelessly geeky fashion they call the “Open Graph API” — and what it means for you and me.  —  Why I, Like, Really Dislike Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button

  1. Will this  means of tracking  your product preference result in marketers targeting you as an advertising recipient when you return to the Facebook site?
  2. Will it result in marketers targeting you as an advertising recipient anywhere else?

More spam – who needs it?

Everyone knows  spamming on Facebook not only on fan page walls but throughout the site is a huge problem. How many times do you get Facebook Fan Page requests from people you actually know? Will use of the ‘like’ button be likely to result in less spam or more?

The advantage of this new tool is that you don’t need any fancy coding. Just fill up a simple wizard , and paste the embed code in, just like you do with Youtube, etc.However, this simplicity has a cost: Users can be tricked into “Like”ing pages they’re not at.  — Deceiving Users with the Facebook Like Button

Facebook “dislike” button

If you’re a Firefox user and want a ‘dislike’ button to inject a little democracy  in the what’s fast becoming the spam capital of the world then the good news is there’s an add-on for this purpose. —  FaceMod – Facebook Dislike Button (The Original) 1.1

Discussion question:

Are you using the Facebook ‘like’ button?

If so can you questions I posed above?

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11 thoughts on “Facebook ‘like’ button for

  1. Hi there, can you tell me how to add a “Like” button at the end of my blog posts?

    • If you have a wordpress.COM blog there is no automatic way to make this button or any other social bookmarking buttons appear on every post. We can’t edit the templates underlying our wordpress.COM themes and insert the code that would do this.

      Go here and generate one the code for the Facebook “like” button and copy it. Then switch to the HTML editor in your post and paste the code you copied into the end of the post and publish it. That’s all there is to it.

  2. Hi timethief,
    First of all, you rock! I don’t know where you find the time to put up all these helpful posts, but a million thanks!
    Second, why put a Like button on a blog? Perhaps I’m missing something here, but isn’t the main reason to increase the exposure of one’s blog by tapping into friends’ social networks? I guess a share button does this better, but it may be easier for a FBer to just hit “like.” It’s a low-risk, low-commitment response, slightly easier than “share.”

  3. I deactivated my FB account recently. It is hard to consume all of the unnecessary information that in throws on your face. But the Like button on WP’d be good!

  4. I’ve been using the GetSocial thingy for quite a while now, since before the “Live” page even! I don’t remember who first told me about it. Someone on the WordPress Forums I suspect. Perhaps even you.

    I almost never go to Facebook any more. But I know that many others do, and if those readers want to let their friends know about my posts, I’m more than happy to oblige. But since I’m not in the habit of trashing the work of others, I can’t imagine a need for the “dislike” button.

    • @izaamak
      Hello there. It may have been me who told you about the getsocial bookmarks as I do have more than one post on my blog in the subject and I have also told many members about them on the forum.

      I’m not happy to oblige anyone when it comes to clicking buttons that result in my personal preferences being collected and then data mined by marketers for their advertising campaigns. I’m like that ie. eccentric.

      As far as a ‘dislike’ button goes the rating systems we can use on blog pages, posts and comments here at include choice between the thumbs up or thumbs down rating or 1-5 star rating. The rating system at stumbleupon also provides a thumbs up or thumbs down choice as well.

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