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Guest Posting Policy

hand shakeLast November I discussed guest blogging opportunities, arrangements and concerns with my readers. Now I have completed my Guest Posting Policy for my blog and I have the welcome mat out for guest bloggers.

As all policies on this blog are living documents I welcome reader suggestions for improvement.

The value in becoming a guest author

Guest blogging provides opportunities for:

  • sharing expertise, information and experience;
  • promoting one’s own reputation as a blogger;
  • relationship building;
  • earning backlinks.

The value in publishing  guest author’s articles

Accepting guest posts on your blog provides an opportunities for:

  • enhancing the value of the content in the blog;
  • introducing complementary information, fresh view points,  and new avenues for discussion;
  • relationship building;
  • and for easing the blogging burden.

Suggested References

If you are considering becoming a guest author or welcoming guest authors on your blog you may want to consult theese references below:

  1. Ann Smarty, founder of a community of guest bloggers called My Blog Guest provides great advice in The Ten Steps To Arranging and Writing a Killer Guest Post.
  2. Guest Posting Policy of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen had almost all the right stuff.
  3. On her Guest Authors page on Kristi has set out her policy for guest posting and I found it to be helpful when it came to drafting my own policy.
  4. Daniel Scocco’s succinctly stated Daily Blog Tips Guest Post Guidelines were also useful.
  5. From Johnathon Bailey in Why Content Splicing is a Bad Idea I learned that I must be watchful for this in a proposed guest post, as search engines can detect duplication and will reduce the ranking of such pages.
  6. “However, If you’re looking to have a post published on someone else’s blog, there’s are some chance that your guest post will be rejected. Why?” In 7 Mistakes In Guest Posting I also discovered some useful information.
  7. “Guest Posting is one the best methods of blog promotion”. I also gained  advice to pass on to other bloggers from reading  about Mr. I’s guest posting experiences in Top 5 Ways to Bring Traffic to a New Blog.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Posting Policy

  1. I don’t know whether it’s relevant or not, but how would a beginning blogger’s view on the subject of blogging be received?

  2. Thanks for mentioning my post.
    I am a big fan of guest posting and have always used it to get traffic and readers to Blogging With Success.
    I love guest posts because of social aspect. On one hand, I get to know a new blogger and on the other, I get more readers. Connection are very valuable in blogosphere and guest posts make it easier to make them!
    I just took a look at your policy and found this line(#3 in terms and agreements) a bit confusing:

    I agree do not edit save for small and obvious typos

    Regarding arrangements, why don’t you make HTML format compulsory? Every text editor lets people save in HTML format and on your front, it will be easy to manage as you have only to paste code in WP and no formatting will break!

    • G’day Ishan,
      When I was recovering from the head injury I was grateful to have guest authors who stepped in to fill the gap. I was in too much pain and was far too tired to keep up the pace of posting as regulalrly as I had done before.

      Now I’m looking at guest posting in a different way. It’s an opportunity to benefit both my blog and the guest author’s blog too and I like that.

      I could make HTML format compulsory but I don’t feel so inclined. It takes me only a few minutes to do the formatting.

      I trust hope you are well and happy too. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I don’t write original articles all the time, but see if you wish to use this as guest blog post: [link removed by timethief]
    It is related to browser/bookmarking. It is written by me.

    • @AA
      I’m sorry but that very good article has already been published elsewhere and like my Guest Posts policy states I’m not going to accept articles that aren’t “new”. When you create one that is “new” please submit it. :)

        • @AA
          No problem. The reason I have made “new and not previously published elsewhere” a term is simple. The internet is full of duplicated content. The blogosphere is full of regurgitated content appearing on multiple sites for the purpose of getting votes in social networks and gaming search engine results. The more of this regurgitated and recycled stuff there is the less relevant search engine results are.

          You write well and your material is directly related to the content in my blog so I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

          P.S. I’m removing your link above so I don’t get more comments like it with links too.

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