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WTH is timethief doing?

I have had a crazy 2 weeks. On and off again power service. On again off again internet connection when the power was on. Result = wrecked modems and routers x 2. But a service call from my ISP techies has got me up and running again.

After the techies left yesterday I discovered my Page Rank Update post and 40 comments had been deleted. I do not know how or why this happened. I did not waste time contemplating. Instead I reconstructed the post and comments from Google’s cached copy.

There’s no way to shut down the RSS feed to zero so all of my feed subscribers were flooded by the reconstruction. I received multiple emails asking “WTH are you doing?” that I have no time to answer.

I’m sorry. :(

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15 thoughts on “WTH is timethief doing?

  1. Thanks for the explanation and the apology. You are a great example for the rest of us as you are a very conscientious blogger. Thanks for all the service you provide us. Very best wishes for your continued success (and some freedom from electrical outages).

  2. So sorry you are having to cope with all the techno craziness! Looks like you are having fun with Inuit Types though. Can’t wait to see what’s next. :-) Is it true that your title didn’t fit?

    • @Sandra Lee
      I survived. Remarkably I survived without continual access to the internet … lol :D

      Yes, I’m having fun with this new theme. I had the bright idea of making it black by night and white by day. I don’t know if I’ll stick to that or not. But I do know why the web designer skillfully selected to have gray fonts and a black background behind widgets.

      I have also learned I can use the Introduction box under the the either for a header with a width of 594 pixels and height of my own selection. I have also learned that if I want to use it as an Alert box I need to code the font style and size into the text widget as the underlying code for the widget produces a very large font. :)

      Yes the title of my blog is a long one and if you look closely you will see the “s” at the end is partially cut off on the right hand side. I wish the size of the title font was slightly smaller or that the blog title was code to break into two lines.

        • @Sandra Lee
          Thanks for the positive feedback. If you have any negative feedback to share about any changes I have made I’m thick skinned, and I want my readers to like the appearance of my blog, so please don’t hesitate.

      • This theme is great but I did like the variety of the different header images you used! I think you can break the title into two lines by adding a space before ‘bloggingtips.’ May not look as nice though. Does the theme allow you to change the header font size? . Turning off bold might make it fit..

        • @SBA
          It’s true that I love playing with and manipulating images to create headers. :)

          “Does the theme allow you to change the header font size?”

          As this is a multiuser blogging platform and we are in a shared blogging environment we cannot access those files, let alone, edit them. In this shared environment on this blogging platform every blog with the same theme is, in essence, sharing the same underlying template. Consequently, any and all editing is done by Staff as it will affect the same changes in every blog with the same theme.

          I will try to work with the title as you suggest above and then I’ll post the results here.

        • Okay I tried that and this is what I got. I can insert a space and get:

          If I insert any other spaces like this:
          one cool site blogging tips
          then what I get is “tips” on the second line.

          If I insert a space after “onecoolsite” and a space between “blogging” and “tips” then the display will revert to placing only “tips” on the second line.

  3. Hey there!

    I guess it’s just one of those days when things fail us. We don’t have any control on these events, so just pass through all of these. Eventually, everything will be better. Hang on, TT!


  4. Your last post “Grab my button code, generator and tutorials” was excellent, and when I have gleaned everything out of it, I shall comment there.

    For the moment, your blog is great!!

  5. What?? The World’s Foremost Blogger subject to ongoing trials and tribulations?? Why, it’s an outrage, say I!! Inexcusable!! Unacceptable!! Uh– uh– sput-sputter, fume, fume, ack, ack!!

    Well, I guess that’s enough thoughtful commentary for now… hang in there, TT!

    Cheers, Mark : )

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