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Grab my button code, generator and tutorials

onecoolsite grab button Would you like to allow your blogging buddies  to copy a button/banner code so that they can help promote your blog by linking back to your blog from theirs? If so, then if you use Blogger or WordPress there are tutorials for creating your “grab my button” code and displaying it, and a generator too.

The concept of linking to a blog you like is not new. Many bloggers do this in the form of a BlogRoll or BlogList. Some have plain text links. But lately more people are proudly displaying a customized image that links to their favorite blogger. The surprising part is the image looks very much like a 125 x 125 ad, although usually more unique and aesthetically pleasing. — SBA

Grab my button code, generator & tutorials bloggers can use the   “Grab My Button” Code Generator.

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15 thoughts on “Grab my button code, generator and tutorials

  1. Thank you for providing these tutes! I want to swap buttons with some wonderful bloggers whose services I am using. I didn’t have a clue how to do it so I typed the subject into your search bar. Hooray! I will attempt to put it into practice in the morn! :)

  2. Thanks for your tips. I just added a grab my button via the generator link you provided.

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  4. Thanks for listing my tutorials — I’m always surprised at how many people use these buttons. I’ve seen them running down the sidebar in the tens. But it’s often reciprocated and part of the community.

    I just stumbled on the scroll box generator (#2) — neat! Just today I added an image map in my sidebar (single pages only) with clickable links (hot spots) toseveral button/ad related tutorials Ishan and I have published.

    • @SBA
      In this post I aimed to gather all the “grab my button” resources into a single post that my readers could benefit from. Your tutorials are excellent. :)

  5. What a nice blog promotion idea!

    You’re right–lately, I’ve seen a lot of image links to different sites, instead of the more conventional text links on a blogroll. Although blog buttons can be attractive, they can clutter up a sidebar and slow down page loading. I guess it’s still up to the blogger–aesthetics or fast loading.


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