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Page Rank Update

On December 20, 2010 I decided to purchase a domain and domain mapping for this blog.  I did so knowing that the authority, backlinks and PageRank earned by the root blog at belonged to that blog , and that the new domain would have to start from being “unranked” and climb the ladder again.  I assumed from past experience that it would take 4 – 6 months before my new domain earned a PageRank but I was wrong.

Due to the support of my readers and subscribers who updated their links to the new domain and all of those who chose to backlink to my posts I have an announcement to make.  The PageRank of this blog is now 5/10.

Thanks you all so much for your support, comments, links and best wishes. I appreciate them very much.  :)

Here are the reports:

Link popularity for
Domain age? – 3 months 15 days
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50 thoughts on “Page Rank Update

    • The emphasis on pagerank is something Google employees are downplaying these days. They have been doing so since just before pagerank was remed from our Google webmasters account. Luckily both of my blogs retained the pageranks they had previously. I wouldn’t worry about thsis if I were you. Hopefully, the blog will get some backlinks form other blogs in the niche that have high authority in the niche. Best wishes. :)

  1. Congrats on your PR 5! It appears I’m stuck at a 3 after being a 5 at one point a few years ago. But I’ve come to the conclusion that PR isn’t everything — At least not for me. I’m happy with my 3 and focus more on my Google results and writing posts more frequently.

    • @RecycleCindy
      Like you I’m aware that PageRank is only one metric we can use to measure the success of our blogs and that it can go up and down. This blog had a PageRank of 5 until due to illness I couldn’t keep up with posting regularly and the PageRank fell accordingly.

      Since I recovered from Shingles I have been struggling with health issues centered on fibromylagia flareups, chronic fatigue and a spinal bone disease. In December I made the decision to purchase a domain and and domain mapping and focus on this blog. I set these goals:
      1. improve the design of the blog;
      2. post more frequently;
      3. post more authoritative ‘pillar posts’ as branding evolves;
      4. interact with more bloggers within my niche;
      5. develop a social media and social networking time management strategy and stick to it;
      6. encourage reader to post more comments;
      7. increase the number of regular readers and subscribers.

      Now I’m looking forward to maintaining the pace here while I also pursue the same goals for my personal blog. Like you I’m a cancer survivor and I’m a determined individual so, health willing, I do expect to accomplish my goals. If I can’t then I will amend them and still blog on.

    • @sandrina
      I blog for my readers and derive no income from doing so. I am very grateful that my readers chose to change their blogroll links from the root blog to the domain. I am also grateful that other bloggers found enough value in my posts to backlink to them. In the final analysis the success or failure of a blog can be measured in many different ways and PageRank is only one metric. Perhaps the most important metric is regular readers.

  2. I’m amazed by how many subscribers Zeenat has on a free-service blog. Congratulations Zeenat! This made me wonder about the need to get one’s own domain name. I know one rationale is that readers will take you more seriously, but Zeenat’s success seems to show that there are exceptions to the rule, unless perhaps your goal is to have 100,000 subscribers. Then is the main reason for one’s own domain name that it will increase one’s Google page rank?

  3. This is awesome news!
    I wanted to change my domain a long time back…but was really worried about the links…so forgot about it.
    But i am inspired now…looking at your success..I think I just might.. :) little question- You have the related posts from this blog widget below your post. How did you get it. I have Zemanta…but am unable to set it up to find my own related posts. Any ideas?
    Much love,

    • @zeenat
      This is not a Zemanata feature that you are referring to. We bloggers can all use the “possibly related” posts feature if we choose to. It’s operational by default so it seems at some point you disabled it on your blog. It’s located here > Appearance > Themes > Extras
      look for this:
      ___ Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way
      be sure there is no checkmark at the commencement of that line and then click “Update Extras”.

      As my blog has over 400 posts in it this “possibly related” widget displays primarily my own related blog posts. For those who are just beginning and have yet to create a substantial archive the links displayed will be primarily to blog posts that are not found in their blogs.

      Before “possibly related posts” was introduced I was already manually adding links to my related posts at the end of each posts and I have continued to do so.

      Note that the links to the posts displayed on other blogs can be broken links or links to dead blogs or links to blog posts that aren’t at ll related. When I witness those situations I simply disable possibly related posts and enable it again on when I remember to do so.

      Love and Peace

      P.S. I forgot to say that I don’t use Zemanta until I have completed my posts. Then I use it for enhancement purposes when that’s possible. I check out every reference link and read the articles carefully before I slect which ones to include under the Zemanta related posts heading.

  4. Wonderful news! If anyone deserves it, you do. As always I’m amazed you can produce so much online without sacrificing your private life — kudos. Happy Easter!

    • @SBA
      As some of the work I do is online and as I’m self employed I can multi-task and switch back and forth between the two. Thanks so much for being my blogging friend. I love your sites too and wish you all the best with them. :)

  5. > On December 20, 2010 I decided
    future O_O

    Congrats and happy Easter :)

    as for my blogs – they stay still, and pr remains 0 and 2

  6. Congrats, a page rank of 5 is excellent! I think for my new blog I am never going to reach that level! :( Being a niche blog hardly anyone links to me although I am getting a good response in terms of page views and subscriptions. I guess I will have to live with this!

    • @Nita
      Think positive – nothing is impossible. While it’s true that when your blog is a niche blog and that niche is a very small one it’s difficult to cross-over the niche line and attract a larger audience for your posts, it can be done.

      Blogging tips bloggers also have a difficulty due to niches. Those who benefit the most from the information contained in our posts are not blogging tips bloggers. Consequently, publishing posts that backlink to our posts would be out of keeping with their blog’s brand and subject matter. This means that blogging tips blogs often operate like revolving doors. Bloggers seek help when they need it but as the help they received doesn’t “fit” into their niche we rarely get backlinks from niche bloggers.

      Best wishes with your blog. :)

    • @Ileane,
      Thanks for returning and posting the link to your article. Thanks also for the backlink. Yes! Of course my guest author proposal is “good”.

      I will welcome your guest post and my arrangements are very simple.
      (1) I require that the post be focused on subject matter that’s already found in my blog.
      (2) I require that the guest author agrees not to republish the same article to other blogs, websites or anywhere else either in digital or printed form.
      (3) I provide a byline link from the guest author’s username to their blog.
      (4) I allow guest authors to link within their guest post to a relevant article in their own blog. I expect them to also link to a minimal number of relevant authoritative posts found in other blogs within the niche.
      (5) In exchange for 2 backlinks I expect a high quality article that my readers can benefit from.
      (6) I do not provide Admin area access to my blog. Instead I have draft guest posts emailed to me. I do not “edit” save for small and obvious typos, spelling errors, etc. and if I have any concerns about any part of the draft post I am sent then I discuss them with the guest author by email, prior to publication. This is my “munged” email address islandtimethief [at] yahoo [dot] ca

      I hope to hear from you soon. :)

  7. Congratulations, your site deserves this! It’s nice to see that Google did the update so quickly. I’ve heard that the next update will be at the end of June and then the final one for 2010 at the end of December. I’m using Google Chrome and they have 2 great extensions, Chrome SEO and SEO Site Tools.

    This is one of my favorite blogs.

    • @IleaneB
      The pattern of Google updates has varied slightly in the years I have blogged. Normally we can expect 3 – 4 updates every year.

      Thanks so much for the congratulations. I’m chuffed to hear my blog is among your favorite blogs.

      If you have published posts on the 2 SEO extensions for Chrome please feel free to post another comment and provide the links to them for my readers. Better still, if you would like to do a guest post on them for my blog and backlink to your own posts in it then I would welcome it. :)

  8. Told ya it would transfer :p. Ctb is still at pr4, orgb got a pr4, wereviewsoftware is still at 0…and gwasurans got a 3.

    • @Brad
      The PageRank did not ‘transfer” from the root blog. The domain had to earn a PageRank and this was achieved through receiving backlinks. See the algorithm > The full PageRank algorithm was created by Larry Page at Stanford and is as follows:
      PR = 0.15 + 0.85 ( PR(Backlink 1)/TotalLinks(Backlink 1) + PR(Backlink 2)/TotalLinks(Backlink 2) + … + PR(Backlink X)/TotalLinks(Backlink X) )

      P.S. I am delighted that my readers and subscribers created this PageRank by finding the content in my posts valuable enough to link to. It encourages me to blog on. :)

  9. Congratulations, timethief!

    You must be very proud of your PageRank accomplishment! I know that you were able to achieve that in such a short span of time due to dedication to your blogging practice. You are one of the bloggers I’ve come across who never fail to post and network extensively on the web.

    Kudos and looking forward to your next posts.

    P.S.: It’s Easter Sunday in the Philippines now so, Happy Easter!

    • @Rogue|Hero
      Thanks and ‘yes’ I am proud. I am proud that my readers backlinked to my posts, and changed their blogroll links from the root blog to the new domain, and supported my blog through this transition. Although I seem to be think skinned I’m not really. I was so happy I cried.

  10. That is great news to hear Timethief! Congratulations, and I’m certain it is because of all of your hard work by making this blog so wonderful with helpful tips and great information!

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