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Is your blog a failure or a success?

gold keyMost of us begin to blog without working out an organized plan. If we don’t like the direction our blog is headed we can make adjustments in order to redirect it.  This article explores these questions:
What are your thoughts on blog success and blog failure?
How do you define a successful blog?
How do you determine whether your blog is successful or not?
How do you make failing blog a success?

Chris Guthrie says:

The problem with blogs is how easy it is to create them. The barriers to entry are set so low that anyone can start a blog and the symptoms I outline slowly creep in after that new blog excitement dies out and many people just let them fail. …If you suffer from any one of these symptoms it could mean failure is looming on the horizon and now is the time to sink or swim. 5 Symptoms of Blog Failure

Next time you think about quitting your online ventures after a failure, think again! It just might be the thing you needed to give yourself a boost. — Ritu B. Pant

Some observations and advice on blogging failure and success

1.  Aim at the center of the target

When setting your goals be prepared to make an honest evaluation of why you want to achieve a particular goal. Once you’ve identified your goal, and set your priorities head straight for it, like an arrow. Too often people let distractions and obstacles get in the way. Long story short; “Just DO it!”

2.  Change course when required

Setting sequential  goals, monthly or annually does not mean the dates are set in stone. Successful bloggers are flexible, resilient and adept at making changes. They understand failure to be a valuable lesson that they learn from.  They accept every failure as a lesson in how to succeed in the future and then they make the adjustments required to achieve success.

3. Have fun, take blogging breaks, accommodate guest bloggers

  • Blogging is supposed  fun and if it isn’t your passion then you won’t go the distance. It’s up to you to keep the 8 irresistible principles of having fun in play so your blogging remains enjoyable.
  • Be cautious not to over commit to social networking obligations. On one hand, spending too much time social networking cuts into your blogging time. On the other, adhering to a too tightly regimented schedule, you may hinder your creativity and make your writing less engaging.
  • If you need a break – take one. If you need to cut back – do so. Also consider the value there can be in arranging  for guest bloggers to contribute articles consistent with the themes in your blog and its brand.  Return to your blogging energized and full of new ideas for the blog.

4. Longevity and blogging

If you intend to be a long term blogger then what’s key is balancing your productivity with your creative inspiration, while challenging yourself to be the best blogger you can be, and affirming that you are becoming a better blogger day by day. Granted your readers do affirm your efforts, but a positive attitude, a firm grip on reality, and self affirmation are  powerful tools  for achieving success.


I think my blog is a success because it’s achieving its purpose. What I blog about is being used by others to improve their blogging skills and their blogs. I haveset realistic goals, assigned priorities to them, and I’m working towards achieving them.

I’m interested to hear how my readers define success and failure in terms of their own blog.

What are your thoughts on blog success and blog failure?
How do you define a successful blog?
How do you determine whether your blog is successful or not?

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