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Silverlight for Facebook

There are many Facebook apps but from what I hear Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta sounds like it leaves the other apps in the dust. It’s a dark beauty that brings it all together so you can for navigate your Facebook account, and much more. So, readers have you tried it and if so would you care to share your experience?

This application does all the things you’d expect for Facebook.

  • Status updates
  • Drag/drop pictures from your computer to a photo album
  • A photo feed view
  • Notifications for messages to you
  • Add a photo to a post using your web camera on your computer
  • uploading video to Facebook can be played back in the app as well

Enjoy the photos, feeds, events, friends’ walls, and inbox mail from your Facebook account in an appealing and user-friendly environment. — Silverlight Client for Facebook available

A Regular Facebook Login is Boring Compared to This

Not long ago, I uploaded a video where I talked briefly about the new Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook. I REALLY like this application, so I was happy that Marques wanted to do an in-depth look at this in a new screencast. This Silverlight beta really is breathtaking, and makes Facebook visually compelling. It makes me actually want to USE Facebook more often! — Thanks, Marques for another excellent screencast! — Chris Prillo

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9 thoughts on “Silverlight for Facebook

  1. Hmm, this is interesting TT. I am relatively new to facebook and most of the various applications creep me out! The latest one is one where you can find out who is viewing your profile! This one sounds interesting. I have been fairly tardy when it comes to loading photos on it.

  2. Hello Timethief,

    After reading your post and watching the video, I decided to Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta and the Silverlight Client for Facebook. (thank you for providing the links and making it so easy). I must admit that I am a pretty heavy facebook user, both for family & friends, as well as networking for blogging.

    I have to say that I am astounded! I really like the appearance – it feels somehow “cleaner” than the regular facebook page (if that makes sense). I really enjoy how you can look at a feed view or a grid view. ( I think I’m leaning a bit towards the grid view myself)

    I also really like the ‘Events’ view, and how it includes in date order format, events as well as each of your friends Birthday.

    The only thing that I don’t see, (and of course I’m still exploring – so I could be missing it), is how to access a group page, which to me is very important.

    Overall, I think it’s great (and if not for the group access), I think I would nearly use it exclusively.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful & helpful information you always give & hope you are doing well.

    • @Bernadine
      It’s been such a long time and it’s so good to see your avatar. :)

      I’m not a Facebook user and I have always found the Facebook site itself to be “bland” when it comes to design. In contrast Silverlight deign and appearance is very appealing.

      Thanks so much for sharing your first impressions of Silverlight. I do hope you find a away to access group pages.

      I’m choosing to be well and happy and hope your are too. ;)
      Love and peace

      • Yes TT, it has been much too long, and now I will have to go back and see all of the helpful information that I’ve missed

        I am glad to hear that you are doing well, and simply love how you put it, ‘ I’m choosing’. It is alot about choice, isn’t it. :)

        Love and peace to you too!

  3. Darn! Just when I’ve about had it with Facebook, something really neat like this comes along! Since I’m still wavering in indecision, and since this is still in beta, I think I’ll just wait and see how it goes. I’ll be looking for updates!

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