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4 Chatboxes for blogs

Updated May 10, 2010  Chatroll widgets are no longer working on blogs. two chat bubbles

In January I was flabbergasted to read in a  forum thread that there were chatboxes that are iframes embeds operating on some blogs.  As there are some  that have passed through “filters” and are trusted by I don’t know why the support documentation does not reflect this. Perhaps  listing exceptions is problematic.  In addition to the meebo chatbox widgets that we can use on blogs, and there are three other options I want to share with my readers.

Google Talk chatback badges

To use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account … but your visitors don’t have to! They don’t even need to have an email address, or to have ever used instant messaging. Note: discontinued.

Talkinator and Google Talk are  no longer available and widgets are no longer working on blogs.


14 thoughts on “4 Chatboxes for blogs

  1. thanks for share… nice info.. bookmark this page.. i’ll be back later ^_^..

    • @Kymlee
      Hello there again. :)
      I have heard from some bloggers that they prefer Talkinator and from others that they prefer Google Talk. The most numerous seem to be Meebo on and that’s not surprising because we have the widget in our widget array.

      Lately some blogger friends of mine have been removing their cht widgets. They tell me that the more they chat the less comments they get so I’m wondering if that’s waht others have experienced or not.

      I hope the new job is going well and I’ll have to zip over and see ifwhat you have to say. BTW you have a gorgeous voice girl and I love your lyrics too. Wherever you are is my fave. :)


      • sorry for the delayed response, but again thanks! You are an invaluable wealth of information as always my friend. All is well, new job is stressful and challenging but ultimately perfect for me, I come home feeling generally accomplished. I’m glad you like my music, this first demo was definitely experimental, I’m hoping to branch out into more of the rock feel, but I do enjoy music no matter the genre. Wherever you are is one of my faves too. Hope to hear from you soon


        Kymlee ♥

        • Hi Kymlee,
          It’s good to hear from you and thanks for the positive feedback on my blog content. Yes I do like your music very much. You have a terrific voice and I wish you well with your music and your new job, and blogging too.
          With love,

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