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What’s Your Paid Blogging Dream Job?

person in bed dreamingEvery week I meet more bloggers online who are looking for paid blogging jobs. Sometimes we talk about the kind of blogging job we would love to have. Well, perhaps beginning here Where Can I Find Paid Blogging Jobs? and here Top 10 Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs will provide what you are looking for.

If not then here are two more places you can look for paid blogging jobs.

Become A Blogcritic: If you love to write and want to increase your exposure and improve your craft in an exciting atmosphere, Technorati’s is the place for you. We offer access to review materials that cover all forms of media and entertainment, daily story ideas, and exciting interview opportunities; all this and more makes BC the perfect place for carving out a niche of your very own.

Become a Technorati Writer: Technorati has entered the next phase of its evolution: original content. Get in on the ground floor by signing up via the Technorati Contact Page. Select the “New: Technorati Writer Signup” option from the “Message Type” drop-down box. You will receive information and writing instructions as we get closer to launch date.

What I’d like to hear from my readers is answers to these questions:

  1. Have you ever had a paid writing job?
  2. Are you being paid to write or blog at present?
  3. Describe your paid blogging dream job?
  4. If your dream came true and you got such a job would you still be blogging in the same niche or in a different one?
  5. If your dream came true and you got such a job would you continue to blog in the blog(s) you have now?

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9 thoughts on “What’s Your Paid Blogging Dream Job?

  1. Hi Timethief!

    I think my dream paid blog job would be reviewing, specifically restaurants, films and travel destinations! To be fair, I would probably do those for free as long as the meal, films and trips were paid for!

    My current blog is about life in your twenties so I would definitely continue to do my blog. I’d like to still have something that I do just for me and not for profit. I would just have more material to use for it!

    • Hello there,
      Thanks so much for commenting and sharing what your dream paid blogging job would be and best wishes for making it come true. :)

  2. Right now I’m not financially compensated for the blogging that I do. It’s more for my own development on several different fronts while also providing an appreciated service to different parties during job hunting time. I love blog-writing topics that I cover so the “volunteer work” is satisfying to me.

    Other people I know who do blogging and get paid:

    As part of their full-time job, but blogging is only one area of responsibility and usually has a specific purpose for pushing out niche information services on certain topics to their client groups/audience. These individuals are also expected to build social marketing for their organizations so the reality of user metrics is serious and reported internally to other parties.

  3. I get paid for blogging about something I love– tea. I happened upon the position, and while it isn’t much money, the exposure, widening of my world, and inspiration the writing provides for my other work, is invaluable.

    Thanks for your informative blog. So much here.


    • Wow! That’s sounds great. Getting paid to blog about what you love is the stuff dream jobs are made of. Best wishes to you with your blogging and thanks for the blog compliment. :)

  4. Hello timethief!

    I’m a first time commenter here, but I have always looked to your blog for lessons and tips to improve my blogging experience.

    As for the answers to your questions…

    1. Have you ever had a paid writing job?
    ~Yes, I am a paid writer of web articles. Actually, I work for two web article writing
    companies–one is an office-based writing job and the other is home-based.

    2. Are you being paid to write or blog at present?
    ~Well, I’m paid to write articles for websites and blogs. However, I am not the one who
    posts them on my employers’ client’s websites or blogs. I just do the article requests that
    are given to me then my employers submit them to their clients. I get paid a cut from
    what the clients pay my employers. In this set-up, there exists a middleman (my

    3. Describe your paid blogging dream job?
    ~Uhm, paid blogging is actually not my dream job. I just love to write/blog. As much as
    possible, I do it for the sake of writing, my personal entertainment, and my own
    fulfillment. My dream job is actually to be an artist. :)

    4. If your dream came true and you got such a job would you still be blogging in the same niche or in a different one?
    ~I would definitely still be blogging. But I guess I would have less time to do that.

    5. If your dream came true and you got such a job would you continue to blog in the blog(s) you have now?
    ~I will definitely maintain the blog that I have now


    Thanks very much for engaging your readers and for all the blogging info that you share. By the way, what do you think of my blog–layout, content (it’s a mixed/life blog), legibility, the widgets, etc.? Hope to hear from you!


    • Thanks so much for taking the time to produce such full answers. It’s good to know you have such a passion for blogging, and better still to hear you consider my site to be a valuable resource. I’ll be visiting soon.

  5. dear tt,
    thanks for this priceless post. have copied your article, the urls now will spend some time studying it.
    thanks a lot again. God bless you. :)

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