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5 Facebook Questions for Bloggers

facebbok iconWith Facebook searches overtaking Google searches ;)  and the nature of Facebook evolving to become a huge cyber shopping mall full of peddlars looking for customers, I wasn’t surprised when I received this announcement by tweet.

This morning I read Chris Crum’s article  titled:  Google Makes Facebook Pages a Higher Priority for Businesses As usual his article was thorough.  I took particular notice  this section quoted below:

Beware, however, that running a promotion on your Facebook Page may cost you ten thousand dollars, because Facebook’s policy guidelines indicate that you must get written approval from a Facebook account rep. In order to get one of those, you must spend that much in advertising, according to Eric Eldon of Inside Facebook.

Today I have five questions for bloggers.

  1. Do you have a Facebook account?
  2. If so, do you use Facebook pages to advertise your business ?
  3. If so, then do you use  real-time local search marketing to promote your business?
  4. Do you do you use  real-time local search to locate businesses and purchase goods and services from them?
  5. Whether or not you have a Facebook account, would you like to share your response to this announcement?

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8 thoughts on “5 Facebook Questions for Bloggers

  1. This is interesting. I did not know that one could not mention one’s business on facebook without getting permission. I have posted a few links to my palmistry site on my facebook account but now I am not sure whether I have done the right thing. Do I have to delete those links?

    • So many people do exactly that. Who knew about the permission part? I would not delete them. I would contact TPTB and seek permission.

  2. I fear to link facebook with, because, I use facebook just to stay connected with my frenz and family. it is a part of my private life and is a part of my professional life. (recently gave that option), So, I cant imagine myself thinking of advertising in facebook. [sorry, I do not know whether this comment gels well with the topic of discussion].

    • @ Dr Janardhana V Hebbar MD(Ayu) permalink
      Make no apology for your comment nor for your decision. I also like keeping my private life private and do not have a Facebook account.

  3. I’m a little annoyed that those of us with non-profit-oriented organizations, who did the proper social thing and set up groups rather than fan pages, are getting the short end of the stick on what is supposed to be a social network. There ought to at least be a way to convert a group page into a fan page without having to re-invite everyone.

    • @Dave
      I didn’t know this. Thank you for sharing and now that you have I can understand your irritation. Having to re-invite everyone would be extremely annoying. Surely, Facebook can can up with a better alternative.

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