Blog Promotion / Blogging Tools / Facebook / Social networks / Twitter / adds Facebook to Publicize sends your published blog posts to several places to automatically promote them for you.  Publicize supported third party services now includes Facebook, as well as Twitter and Yahoo!

You can now send your posts to Facebook.

post published to Facebook

Joining our Yahoo and Twitter features is our latest in’s Publicize family: Facebook.

Read all about it in Publicize: Facebook and enable it on your dashboard.

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12 thoughts on “ adds Facebook to Publicize

  1. As it happens, I am a Facebook user. I would normally post a link to my blog. As I’ve been using the More tag, it doesn’t look too bad. I’m using a personal page ad not a Fan page. Was I supposed to use this method? I’m not running a business, though.

    I liked the new feature “Publish to Facebook” feature. The only caveat is this. It set the privacy to “Friends only”. Here I am seeking to create visibility via Facebook. I’m also working on building a rep on a couple of forums. I started off by going off to 4 niche related forums. The 4th is a MySpace copy called “MyPraize”.

    I’m considering going to just two niche forums. Now, if I can just muster a tune of “A blogging I will go!”.

    • I’m cracking up. :D I also think that what’s under all the social media “gotta be in touch with the same people everywhere and every minute of the day” hype, is actually a subversive movement to agree to spam each other. Thanks for commenting. :)

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