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Add getsociallive Bookmarks to blog posts

Many bloggers have asked me where the social bookmarks I have at the end of my blog posts come from. They are from The bloggers who asked also assumed there was an  automatic means of  having these bookmarks appear on every post in a blog but that isn’t so. We cannot access and edit the templates underlying our blog themes. As this has come up on the support forum more than once and as not every blogger views the threads there I have prepared this step-by-step blogging tutorial containing the instructions required. 

To manually add bookmarks, which contain the linked titles to the specific post to the end of each of your posts takes only a few moments. Once you have added them your twitter account and Facebook will be automatically updated and your readers can use the buttons to promote your posts for you.

Below is the step-by-step blogging tutorial of the process:

  1. complete your post;
  2. copy the post title;
  3. open a new tab and go to the getsociallive site;
  4. paste it into the title spot provided
  5. return to the post and copy the URL shortcode;
  6. go back to the getsociallive site and paste it into the URL shortcode spot provided;
  7. select the style of buttons you want and click;
  8. now click “get social”;
  9. the code will appear in the code box;
  10. copy the code and return to the post;
  11. switch from the visual editor to the HTML editor;
  12. paste the code at the end of your post;
  13. switch back to the visual editor and preview the post ( witness the appearance of the bookmarking buttons);
  14. publish the post.

It actually took me longer to type this step-by-step blogging tutorial than it will take you to add the buttons to a post. Once you have done that a couple of times you will no longer need these instructions.

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28 thoughts on “Add getsociallive Bookmarks to blog posts

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I am giving these bookmarks a try. Hopefully it will give my traffic a little boost.

    • Hi Joe,
      These are very easy to post and immediately after posting they will auto-update Twitter and Facebook as well. Happy blogging.

    • You’re welcome. I visited your blog and saw the social bookmarks and Facebook ‘like’ button at the end of your latest post. Happy blogging. :)

  2. Hi Time Thief,

    I used to add the bookmarks from Get Social but I stopped and here’s why. Most often my readers want to share my posts on Twitter. If they use the get social twitter button the tweet doesn’t format the way I would typically like for a tweet/retweet to display. For example on this post, the tweet looks like this:
    Add getsociallive Bookmarks to blog posts @…com-blog-posts/

    The @ symbol looks awkward and out of place, also the URL isn’t shortened which means the reader still needs to manually edit the tweet.

    I’ve decided to add the Tweetmeme short code instead and it works well for me. Since Twitter is one of the primary sources of traffic for my blog I’ll stick with this method.


    • If you only need twitter, I think that the tweetmeme shortcode is a great solution.

      About the format, how would you format the tweets? I’m always open to suggestions!

      Oh, and btw – you can feed the built-in WP.COM shortlink to GetSocial Live (it’s recommended even, unless you’re adding a Google Buzz button).

      • Hi Hillel,

        The format of the retweets should include the user name of the blogger, just like a normal RT. For example:

        RT @username “POST TITLE” shortened url

        The other alternative could be to include a standard opener like:
        Check out: “POST TITLE” shortened url (via @username)

        I hope these make sense. I guess this means you would need to include a box on the Get Social home page where the blogger could enter their user name.

        Let me know what you think. Thanks for asking and for creating the service.

        • Thanks for your offer Ileane :)

          But I only have the title of the post and the link to work with. I don’t want to add an additional field to GetSocial Live because keeping the process simple and straightforward is my number one design priority – even on the expanse of functionality.

          If anything, I recently thought about even canceling the ‘post title’ field and grabbing the title directly from the blog like facebook does.

          The problem is that most people use GetSocial Live before they publish their post so there’s nothing to grab.

          Currently, you can feed shortlinks to GetSocial Live (it’s recommended). WordPress generates shortlinks for every post now.

          In any case, maybe I’ll make a small survey about the best tweet format in the near future. Stay tuned :)

  3. Been using Get Social Live as I had read your earlier posts. It actually is not so cumbersome as it sounds in the step by step guide posted above:)

    TT, Of late I have started looking forward to the header designs. Those apart from your posts are somethings to watch out for!

    • @NITYIN
      I agree that it’s not as cumbersome or as lengthy a process to add the bookmarks as it was to provide instructions for doing so. Thanks also for the header compliment. I grow tired of looking at the same header image day after day so I change headers frequently. :)

  4. I still use a version of sunburntkamel’s text file (I find GetSocialLive’s icons ugly and too numerous). That got a lot easier when introduced shortlinks — now I can add the icon code to draft posts without worrying about whether I’ll have the right permalink.

    • (To clarify: the site I’m talking about is, the literary magazine I manage. We typically have at least 30 posts in draft at any one time.)

        • Sorry, Dan – your comment wasn’t visible when I left mine. It’s a very good question, and a little hard to answer with Stats, but in a nutshell: yes, occasionally. We average about 400 page views a day, so it’s a rather small site in terms of traffic, and every month or two we get a big spike from StumbleUpon — my favorite social bookmarking site because a link there can keep sending a trickle of traffic for months to come (and because they have strong communities dedicated to the kinds of things we publish: poetry and other literary arts). We also occasionally see something sent to Reddit or Twitter. Facebook sends a steady trickle of page views, but that may be simply because I share the feed in my FB profile using GraffitiRSS (an app which I learned about here — thanks, timethief!).

          I must admit I did away with social bookmarking icons on my self-hosted WordPress blog the other week when I had to prune out some plugins. At qarrtsiluni, we view them more as an interesting design element than as anything essential. People who use social bookmarking sites regularly probably don’t care about saving a few seconds, but they might occasionally need prompting.

    • @Dave,
      That’s interesting. On my personal blog, a self hosted wordpress install, I use the “sharethis” plugin, and that blog also shows very little evidence of the buttons being clicked by my readers.

      • I used to use that too, mainly for the convenience of the email feature (but I liked the elegant look, too). Email popup forms are one thing I think less tech-savvy people, who often don’t where to find the permalink, do take advantage of. Otherwise, I think ShareThis misses the point by removing the buttons from immediate view. People don’t need help so much as they need a prompt.

        • @Dave
          I agree that some do respond to prompting but I think they only tend to be those who are active in social networks. These days we are seeing n influx of new members posting to social media and social networking sites. We are also seeing that many bloggers are leaving these sites because they find them to be a huge time suck.

          A factor we are all feeling the affects from is “social media broadcast range”. In times past authority was derived from creating high quality content that got backlinks, and attracted a growing blog centered community.

          These days we are blogging less because we are now compelled to spend time promoting our posts, entertaining current followers, and wooing potential followers on social media sites and on social networks. One can spend hours chatting and tweeting and hooting up internet marketers and even bots (lol :D) and the result can be a large number of hits on posts with mediocre content.

          We see that those who have large armies of followers, who will retweet their stuff and vote it up on social networks are attracting more visitors based on their “social media broadcast range”, and not necessarily on the quality or uniqueness of their content, or the quality of discussions taking place in the comments on their posts.

  5. Great — THANKS. But do readers actually use the buttons to upload to Facebook, Digg, etc.? Is it worth the extra 30-40 seconds it takes? Does anyone who does this know?

    • This blog has shown very little evidence of these socialbookmark buttons were clicked. raincoaster’s blog shows that her’s are being clicked.

      It seems to me that if you are active in social networks and your readers are likewise active, then the buttons are more likely to be clicked, than if you and your readers aren’t active in social networks.

  6. TBH copy and pasting social bookmarks is more of a chore then a benefit.

    If the user really wants to submit then they will go the website.

    But if only supported social network bookmarks.

    /end of rant

    Oh well minor inconvenience.

    • I’m thinking that we have these options on our > Discussion > Reading page and that may think they are enough.
      In each article in an enhanced feed, show …
      Add to Stumbleupon
      Add to
      Add to
      Add to Reddit

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