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New Content? Pings for You

Google, Yahoo, Napoleon and Josephine
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Google, Yahoo, Bing  and Ask are constantly looking for new content to index and rank.  How do we bloggers  get our content indexed quickly so we reach the widest audience possible in the shortest timeframe?

When it comes to helping bloggers share their content with a wider audience quickly delivers starting where it really counts.

  1. makes search engine verification easy and that means we bloggers have access to search engine webmaster tools that provide detailed information and statistics about our blogs.
  2. Our blogs are search friendly and each one has a an XML Sitemap for Search Engines, which you can access at
  3. ” Last week turned on sitemap pings for our millions of hosted blogs. Now, immediately after you publish or delete a page or post, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. These immediate notifications help the major search engines receive your new content as quickly as possible (often within seconds) so your blog can show up in search results faster.We send sitemap update notifications to major search engines every time your site content changes. Each post edit or approved comment results in a new notification. This update frequency is the preferred behavior of search engines interested in discovering fresh content without needing to revisit your blog unnecessarily.”  — Niall Kennedy
  4. Post updates are sent through Ping-o-Matic!, a ping relay tool owned by the WordPress Foundation, to major feed reader and blog search engines. Our Publicize feature updates your Yahoo! and Twitter accounts with a short summary and a link back to your blog content. These are just some of the ways helps you find your audience. “

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31 thoughts on “New Content? Pings for You

  1. Finding your blog was timely. For years I was a software CEO who suspected there was a subtle disconnect between the money I spent on web masters and our web rating. My concerns become a mute point when, thanks or no thanks to this difficult economy, I closed my company to regrouped, reorganized, and take on this web responsibility. Now I realize my web masters were likely racing as fast as possible to keep up with a quickly evolving WWW. I am thrilled to find I have aquired my independence at a time when a techno-novice, like me, has the opportunity to gain genuine skills and honest advice. Thank you TimeThief, you are great!

  2. I had no idea about “pings” guess I had been slightly lazy to the education of it, now I can learn more by reading about it all here, definately want to get the most out of my blog for us and for our readers.

  3. It’s a pleasure to read your blogs. Each one brings new ideas and starts fresh thought processes in my mind :-) Thanks a lot and please continue to enlighten us with latest updates in the blog world!


    • Thanks so much for being a reader and for sending me this feedback. It’s good to know you are out there appreciating what I publish. best wishes with your blogging.

    • No problem. I’m glad we cleared that up. So many people focus on the differences between the two when it comes to Adsense pennies. They fail to recognize what a great free ride we get here at where Staff do all the geek work, and we enjoy so many free features. :)

  4. U R so instant,
    I love those lovely fish in your post.
    Hope that u have enjoyed a great Valentine’s day!
    Happy New Year 2 u too!

    take good care.

    • @Jingle
      Thanks for the visit. There are snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and the ornamental cherries are in bloom here – spring is just around the corner and I’m happy to greet her. :)

    • @Sandrina,
      Oops! You are viewing this in a backward fashion. Like the title says this article is about what does for their free hosted bloggers. The reasom I’m very clear about the differences between and is because I have both kinds of blogs. :)

    • There’s a learning curve involved in using wordpress software, but once one does learn how to use the software, one recognizes how robust and flexible it is compared to other blogging software.

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