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Article Writing and Commenting Increase Backlinks to Blogs


My earlier article  16 Different Link Building Strategies is a good introduction to this one so I recommend at least skim reading it. This article highlights two methods of increasing targeted traffic to your blog and links as well.

The value of a website from search engines point of view varies according the number of incoming links from external websites with good PageRank . Link building is an “off page’ SEO strategy and refers to the number of links pointing to your site. These links help your site to gain PageRank and perform better in search engine results.

Article Submissions

Writing articles and submitting them for mass distribution  is focused on getting anchored backlinks. Write a comprehensive pillar post comprised content that will be of  timeless value to your readers. Deep link to your earlier articles in your new one using optimized anchor text. Then  submit that article to  sites that specialize in mass distributing of articles to thousands of directories.  Your article will be indexed by Google and the result will be multiple anchored links  pointing to your blog from that article.

The down side is that duplicate content is always problematic and links  can drop out of the index as Tim Grice describes in:  Mass Article Submissions Are Not Worth It…? . In that article there are sites that he found that did hold long term link weight:


Provided your comments are meaningful, commenting can bring an inflow of targeted readers to your blog that rivals all other unpaid methods. Comment to provide additional information related to the post published by a blogger in your niche, and you will be noticed,  especially if what you offer expands the discussion.  Leaving behind a trail of high quality comments linked to your  blog also increases the likelihood of  increase  subscribers and backlinks.  That’s not to mention that if  you comment on “do-follow” blogs you will also get a backlink to your blog.

Kristi says:

Blog commenting is a well known way of link building. But more important than the links you drop in the comments is the links you get from other bloggers in their posts. — How Blog Commenting Has Made a Difference

Keith says:

Yes you should be commenting to get links, but I prefer to look at it as site promotion rather than linkbuilding or SEO.  — Comment Links Are Advertising

Generate Traffic with Blog Comments

January 29, 2009
How to generate traffic for your blog by making comments on other blogs

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Article Writing and Backlinks

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30 thoughts on “Article Writing and Commenting Increase Backlinks to Blogs

  1. Article submission can be good for backlinks but what about risk of having duplicate content on internet all pointing to our website? Also for those wanting to have copyscape protected articles on their website cannot obviously do article submission just for back links. So there needs to be other way to generate back links. I think article submission is good for small informative websites. Thanks for that info anyways.

  2. Other great resources are writing articles and submitting them to sites like and remember if your writing a blog.. you should use to submit your latest blog post to all the blog directories they have listed.

  3. Any advice on finding such ‘dofollow’ sites? Practically everyone uses nodofollow for comment-posters these days.

    alas, if we could do something to combat the spam, maybe the internet could be re-legitimized.

  4. Thanks for the post. I am always struggling with how much I should use article marketing. I am thinking of one to two good articles to high ranking directories submitted weekly, and posting every other day. The most important thing is always consistency which has been a problem for me.

    • Based on what I have experienced and read, it takes about 4 – 6 months to attract a regular readership, and only 1 out of every 100 readers will leave a comment.

  5. Hi Timethief, hope you are well!

    I have a comment awaiting moderation and basically a reader asks if I want to link to his blog. Im not going to as his blog subjects have nothing to do with mine and I would never mislead my readers by posting links to unrelated stuff on my blog.

    My question is, do I just trash the comment and not reply or is there an etiquette to follow lol

    I just want to delete it but Im not sure if asking bloggers for backlinks is a standard practice.

    Peace and Blessings,

    • Hello there,
      When I receive these link to my blog requests from bloggers with unrelated blogs who want me to link my personal blog to theirs, I don’t feel the need to share my email address by replying to them. I mark them as “trash” and delete them.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. By the way, Im new with WordPress and loving it and thank you for such a great Blogging page!! And all the work you do on the Forums

    • @Chrissy
      Welcome to and thank you for your kind words about my blog. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

  7. Get well soon. The flu is rough. We have had a rough few weeks; because Helen was diagnosed with colon cancer and the surgery will be tomorrow at 12:30. At this point it appears not to have spread. So I must be offblog for a while. My best.

    • @Count Sneaky
      This is a terrible flu that I have. I’m only able to be up for very short bursts of time before my head starts to spin. My very best wishes to Helen and you with regard to her surgery. I shall be keeping you both in my thoughts, dear friend.

  8. Sometimes commenting results in hits back to your blog, but often it just gets ignored, lost in a sea of hundreds and hundreds of comments. I’ve been commenting much less lately, yet the stats keep going up. Go figure. :-)

    • Hello Ian,
      I have heard over and over again not to leave “empty” comments like “great post” even though I frequently think them. The rule of thumb is to comment only when you have something to add to the discussion. Well, I freely admit that commenting is not my strong suit. I’m an introvert so in most cases I need to think about what I’ve read for awhile in order to comment. When returning to a post I usually find that others have already said the same things I would have said.

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