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Mastering Shameless Blog Promotion

four plasticine figures It makes little difference whether you are a Business Blogger, Professional Blogger,  Technical Blogger or a Personal Blogger, or any other kind of blogger, mastering the use of Shameless Promotion in social networks key to success. So are you up for it?

Social networking sites are centered on member profiles, which include personal information, photos, interests, goals, websites and blogs. These descriptive profiles publicly display  one or more lists of  each member’s “friend” connections, to make friends’ friends accessible and approachable.

“According to research by Harvard Business School‘s Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, people spend 70% of their time on social networks looking at profiles and photos.” — easeyboy

Social networks have communication tools including private messaging (email), instant messaging, chat, groups, forums, and video and photo sharing, etc.  The tools are designed to facilitate ever growing webs of  ” friend ” connections.

Bloggers will be well served  if they take these four preparatory steps before stepping into social networking and connecting.

(1) Write an appealing profile

Here’s your opportunity to briefly showcase your knowledge in regard to the subjects you blog about (or products or services your sell or review) . Once it’s complete you can place it on the profile pages of all blog directories, blogging forums, social media sites, social networks, online forums and groups you are a member of.

Select some attractive images, videos, podcasts, etc.  that depict you in relationship to what you blog about.

(2) Write a concise and informative blog description

This will give you an opportunity to let reader know what to expect in your blog, which categories and tags best characterize your blog, and what makes it unique from other blogs on the same subject(s).

Use it on your About page on your blog, and on social media sites like twitter, hootsuite and friendfeed, as well as, on your Profile pages in blog directories, social networks, online forums and groups.

(3) Write an Elevator Speech

An “elevator speech” is a super-short explanation of an idea, a business, or a blog, designed to create further interest that can be delivered in the time it takes folks to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.

There will be many occasions when you can use an elevator speech in either written form and verbally. Limit  the text to 140 characters and you can “tweet” it to your Twitter followers.

(4) Prepare a  Shameless Promotion Paragraph

Expand your elevator speech by composing a short paragraph that may be included in a newsletter or perhaps a press release.  Aim to include enough information to “hook” those who read it into wanting to:

  • visit your blog and read your posts;
  • join the discussion;
  • become subscribers.


Be aware that those who are prepared to listen may want to know the answers to these three questions:

  1. What do you blog about?
  2. What is your brand? In other words, what makes your blog (product, service)  unique from all the others in the same niche?
  3. WIIFM? (What’s in it for me?) How will a visitor benefit from visiting  your site?

Matt Cutts gives two pieces of advice to those who want to optimize their sites for search engines on a small budget. Watch the video and see if his advice helps you decide what’s essential when it comes to effective  Shameless Promotion.

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31 thoughts on “Mastering Shameless Blog Promotion

  1. My last comment on this subject… (I know… you will believe that, when you DON’T see it.) By no means was I showing a disrespect for the author of the Motion Theme. If I gave that impression, I am sorry and apologize to the author, to you and your readership. No, after your replies and giving me an idea as to where to look, I realize that my problem was…. drum roll… ME!! My lack of knowledge of what is available both in WordPress and the theme, itself, were both large contributors. Anyway, I have since trashed the duplicately named post. I have realized that and corrected the limitation that was existing, (and was of my own creation.) I had limited the number of how many posts that I wanted to show…. a very low number. If you would take one more look at the site and give me your opinion of the changes. Both bad and good are expected and welcomed. <a href=""; signed: thesteppingstones. …. PS. I have not gotten up the courage to delete the Page "Index and Shortcuts to the Posts". It was so much hard work, I don't want to throw it away. lol and finally… PPS. I think there is a money making opportunity to anyone (possibly WordPress) who would publish a complete guide to (For Idiots…like moi) on how to publish a blog and what all the bells and whistles are. Hint..hint. God Bless.

  2. I thank you for your quick reply. FIRST of all, I mean this with all sincerity. If I say it, then it is done…. I am including you on my prayer list of intentions. I am sorry to hear that your health is struggling and I pray that it will improve and soon.
    I realize I have made a very complicated mouse trap, but it was all that I could think of in my ignorance of what was available. (I did have every intention of deleting the duplicately named post, once it had be on the blog site for a few days. Kind of a “Now hear this”.)
    Anyway, to keep this short, I am interested, intrigued with the two solutions you offered, namely, the ARCHIVES and CATEGORIES widgets. The reason I chose to move away from the “Recent Entries” widget, was because of the limitation of number of entries. I will read up on the two widgets you mentioned and see if they will fill my needs. Once again, thank you for your help. And please take care of your health. Regards.. thesteppingstones.

    • @steppingstones
      Thanks for your gracious reply. Although I am very strong willed I am also extremely sensitive and as our blogs are in some way “our babies” saying anything negative about another blogger’s blog is difficult. There is an additional approach you could take but it involves changing themes and many bloggers are resistant to that so I didn’t suggest it. Read on and you will see what I mean by an additional approach.

      I do not use the Recent Posts widget because I use the Inuit Types theme, and it is a magazine style theme. This means that excerpts of my most recent posts are on the front page, so there is no purpose in using a Recent Comments widget and duplicating the number of links on the page. (Some search engines stop indexing when they reach 100 – 150 links on any page. I am conscious that each and every link on my front page is counted so I try to reduce the number of links on it and the theme helps me do this.) I’m delighted that I can choose to only have excerpts without active links displaying on the front page. Readers can browse and click any title and view the complete post on it’s own page with the active links.

      This theme also is equipped with pages templates for an Archives Page and a Sitemap Page. Click this link below and see what is automatically supplied by the theme when I chose to create a static page, title it Sitemap, and chose to click the button for the sitemap template. Yes! It auto-updates every time I publish a post! I love it. :)

      P.S. Thanks for your prayers. I have several long term health challenges that I cope with as best as I can.

  3. Hi, Steppingstones here. I found your latest blog and chose to use it, to ask this question. I replaced “Recent Entries” widget with a Page widget, that lists all of my posts, to date. (I also, created a Post by the same name, so that it would display for a brief time in the main area of the blog site.) Both Post and Page have the name of “Index and Shortcut to Posts”. Each line entry has Date, Category, Main Tag, and Post name (with a link to the Post, itself). I did this so that I would not be limited to a specific number of posts that would be displayed, and also to enable the reader to go immediately to whichever post they desired. Ok…so now the question. This information is displayed in a four column table. It would be nice, if I could allow the user to view the table, let’s say sorted by Post name, or by Category, etc. Is there a way to do this? To see what I am talking about, go to: . (lol I am not trying to shamelessly do a blog promotion.) I really am hoping for a positive answer. Whichever way it goes, I thank you, again and again for the service that you provide us.

    • @steppingstones
      I have visited your blog and cannot comprehend why you are setting up such an index at all. Every time we publish a post it will automatically appear in the Archives and in the Tags and in the Categories we assigned to it. If we do not wish to use the Archives widget then we can use the Archives shortcode on a static page or in a post. See >

      I also would not create posts and static pages with the same titles as this may result in search engine indexing confusion. Static pages are intended to be used for content that rarely, if ever, changes. In posts the date is a relevant and searchable element found in the URL. In a few themes static pages do have dates included in the URL but they are rare and the theme you use, Motion does not include them.

      As far as accessibility goes if you place the Archives widget in your sidebar and the Categories widget there too I will have immediate access to all your posts. This is why I am confused about your complex approach. It sounds like a lot of work and also sounds like you are, in essence, attempting to reinvent that access that already exists when we use the widgets we have been provided with.

      With regard to creating a 4 column HTML table with multiple rows and cells this can easily be done. You can insert any data you wish into the cells. You will find both HTML table tutorial links and links to table generators online that you can use. See my posts on HTML tables to locate them.

      I’m sorry, in advance, if this isn’t the kind of response you hoped to receive but I am an honest person and call them like I see them.

  4. Greetings all you wonder-filled bloggers! When I turned 66 yrs young a few days ago I said this would be the year I traveled to new worlds. Didn’t really know what that would look like, just knew I had to go somewhere I’d never been before. AND SO IS! It’s the Bloggers World with new procedures, new language, new names, and access to people with so many interests from all over the globe. I’m lovin’ it and overwhelmed at the same time.
    So, to timethief in particular, want to say thanks for being there and responding to those at this site. Question: is there someplace that has a dictionary of “techy” terms? Websters can’t begin to answer what is XHTML or permalink… Peace, Love, and Justice

  5. great post, learned a bunch TT, side note I’m a full believer that flu shots give you the flu instead of preventing it, hope you get better

    • Hello there and thanks for letting me know you found value in the post. I’ve been coaching some blogger privately and they gained from it two. I suppose I will now have to come up with a follow-up post about what to do next because that’s the kind of requests I’m getting in my email. :)

  6. TT–I am just really sorry to hear that you are sick with the flu! This is why I always do get flu shots now. I had a terrible flu a couple of years ago that knocked me on my back for almost a month. Then, it turned into pneumonia!

    I really appreciated this post. I suck at SBP–and so I don’t even bother any more. But perhaps I will now.

    Take care of yourself,


    • Melinda,
      Thanks for the visit and comment. My husband and I have been getting flu shots for many years. This year we got both the seasonal flu and the swine flu shots. Sadly, the flu we have now was not one we got the shots for and it’s awful. :(

  7. Goodness! I haven’t visited you for a long time and wow has your website changed…beginning with the title. You must have transformed your life in some way that is expressed here. I don’t use WordPress but this is still interesting to me…lively stuff.

    • @Lydia
      How wonderful it is to see you here. I think you are probably more familiar with my personal blog(s) at and

      You will find that most of my posts in this blog are not specific to wordpress. I purchased a domain for this blog in December so the PageRank fell from 4 to 0/10. Hopefully, it will receive enough backlinks to posts and blogroll links from subscribers to recover PageRank within the next 4 – 6 months. I have been a blogging tips blogger since 2006 and this blog which was founded on was founded on January 16, 2008 contains posts dating back to 2007.

      It was great to see you here so please don’t hesitate come again soon. ;)

  8. Dear TT,

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for calling my promo in the Showcase forum “clever”. I enjoy reading your tips, and I think they are useful and practical toward building more traffic. Besides really helping others, they have helped me clarify what I do and don’t want to achieve.

    Of course, I’m a contrarian as far as blogging philosophy goes. I don’t want “more”. I ONLY want “better”. (That’s also the name of one of my posts.)

    DOWN with TWITTER, FACEBOOK and MySpace! I’ll never write a profile.
    If you want to know me…TOO BAD. I’m invisible ;)
    You’ll just have to read between the lines.

    • Mikey,
      I’m not ignoring you. I’m sick. I’m so sick I cannot blog. I crawled out of bed to post a sick notice in my Alert box and I’m heading right back there when I’m done.

      • Oh my! I’m so sorry you feel unwell. Don’t take it to heart. I was just ranting a bit, and not at you particularly. You do your best to help people, I know that.

        It’s just a philosophical difference I want OTHER bloggers to think more about.

        • Mikey,
          I have long term serious health issues and this flu is taking me for a mean ride. I can’t even recall what you were ranting about at this point. Going now – back to bed.

  9. Hello TT,

    I stopped by to catch up on your blog and found this a very useful post. I especially found the question WIIFM to be a wonderful thought provoker. Just how does a visitor benefit from visiting my site? How can I improve on what I do provide? These questions have given me some things to ponder. Thanks as always for providing a great read.

    • @Cindy
      It’s great to see your comment here. I do hope you are well and happy too. I’m also gald to hear you found some food for thought in the post. I can’t take any credit for WIIFM as I learned that from Dane Morgan. These days the blogosphere is burgeoning with bloggers so Dane’s question is a thought provoking one indeed. Best wishes to you in all you do.

  10. Thanks for responding to my WordPress forum post. From now on, I will be a devoted reader, eager to learn! I will be diving in to the rest this weekend. I like your writing style and already have some ideas from this post.

    • @sweetdesignrelief
      You’re welcome. I always try to spend some tim answering questions in the forum when I between contracts. I learned so much from other bloggers there when I first came that I’m keeping the faith by contributing to newcomers who are now on that same learning curve I was once on.

      The exciting part of your comment for me is that it sparked your imagination and that led to some ideas developing. How cool is that? :)

    • @Arafat Hossain Piyada
      Thanks for the praise. I thought the video was a good tie into this article because the two points Matt Cutts made about SEO are also applicable to effective blog promotion.

      P.S. I have placed your blog on my Links page because it contains topical and timely information that I believe will be a resource for my readers.

  11. You cracked me right up with your skillful slip in in there sentence. LOL .. :D Don’t I wish the increase in traffic your blog has experienced applied to this one? You bettcha. :)

  12. How could you write a post like this without referring to me, the Queen of Shameless Blog Promotion? I called in a few chips yesterday and got’s hits up from 600 to over 3000 in one day!

    And…see what I just did there? :P

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