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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Apple Tablet Day

  1. Hey Timetheif, its Brekat…I wanted to get in contact with you again and I wasn’t sure how haha, so I apologize if this is the wrong place to leave you a comment. I had a question tho on google pageranking. Would you suggest that I have the main front page of my blog contain all of my blog posts in order to rank well, or would it be ok if I went ahead and used that static page I mentioned as my blog’s homepage mentioning information about myself, and then use that category widget for my seperate blogs instead. Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it!

    • I gave you the truth – straight up.

      The way a blog is designed to work is that only one page (usually your front page) will automatically update with the new posts you publish going to the top of the order. The other pages you create sit outside the blog structure and they do not automatically update because they are for static content that rarely, if ever changes. Pages cannot be assigned categories and they do not get the same Google juice that the posts on your front page do. The front page of a blog is where the fresh content is and most Google juice goes to it. Making a front page into a static page will kill the blog’s PageRank, and also have the effect of peeving off anyone who is a repeat visitor.

      Have you added your blog to your Google webmasters account and verified your ownership of the blog with the big 3 search engines yet? makes search engine verification easy
      This is how PageRank is calculated

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