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Making Money with WordPress

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On January 23, 2009,  at WordCamp Boston a panel of WordPress experts discussed possible business models for making money with wordpress. I went hunting on-line  after reading what the panel’s moderator, Jeff Chandler, who manages the popular WordPress content driven community WPTavern said prior to the event.

“WordPress is the most popular open source publishing platform on the web today and it’s reached the point where viable businesses can be created on top of and around the software.” Source: WordPress Monetization Strategies to be Discussed at WordCamp Boston

I also located the Program online and this is what it said:

“Monetization in a Free World

There are 7,500+ free and open plug-ins and 1,000+ free/open themes on the official repository, all running on free and open WordPress. Is there real money to be made building plug-ins and templates?

Jane Wells of Automattic, Jousha Strebel of, Carl Hancock of Gravity Forms (RocketGenius), and Brian Gardner of StudioPress explore (non-consulting) business models in a world of free, open, and GPL. Moderated by Jeff Chandler of WordPress Tavern. “Source: Program

I checked wordpressTV but couldn’t come up with a video of the proceedings there. So I began to search on the internet and was surprised at how little I found.

WordCamp Boston 2010 | Photography Every Day – Everyday Photos 23 hours ago by Drew
I went next to the Monetization in a Free World session and it was not for me. The people talking were not really giving good information that people could use, rather they were talking about how they made money with wordpress. –

Today I located:  Sessions on SlideShare, SpeakerRate; Video Coming Soon. If this is a topic of interest to you you will know where to find the videos and slideshows after they have been submitted. 

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