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Top 5 Myths About Google Adsense

bills in stacks pennies in jarTop 5 Myths About Google Adsense

by Guest Blogger, Brad from

Myth 1: It will make you a millionaire.

There is general belief that putting up Google Adsense ads will make us able to leave our jobs, and be millionaires.

Truth: Google Adsense will never make you a millionaire. Even top blogs like Tech Crunch, and Engadget make at most $30,000 a day from advertising. They get millions of hits per month so if they don’t make a million how would you?

While there are bloggers that do make 6 figure incomes from Adsense it is because they are the top 1% of bloggers. They have marketed their blogs, found an audience, and become popular. Remember nothing is done overnight.

Verdict: Busted

Myth 2: Any amount of blog traffic will net you money.

Many people believe that even their new blogs will result in cash from Adsense.

Truth: Google Adsense is made for blogs that see more than 1,000 unique (never visited before) visitors daily. If your blog is under that then at most you will be able to pay for your hosting fees. If you are under 500 visitors per day then you will be lucky to make more than pennies a day.

Verdict: Busted

Myth 3: Clicking on my ads is OK.

Some people believe that clicks on their own Adsense ads to generate income from Adsense is acceptable.

Truth: Even if you do it from another computer at another location Google Adsense will know the difference between a true click, and a click to raise a advertisers cost. So don’t Google will find out, and they will ban you as a result. Google defines that as click fraud.

Verdict: Busted

Myth 4: Clicking on another persons Google Adsense ads to support them is OK.

Just like above, people think that if they click on a bloggers Adsense ads to support them is OK.

Truth: Again, Google tracks what IP address (your computer) does with their ads. They can tell if you are interested in those ads, or if you are engaging in click fraud. If the blogger gets too many bad clicks that Google just can’t ignore they will be shut down. Naturally if the blogger is unaware of that, the blogger will be less than happy.

The blogger can contact Google for a second chance but Google very rarely restores accounts because of this. So don’t for that sake of the advertiser, and the sake of the blogger.

Verdict: Busted

Myth 5: Any amount of ads/location is fine for Google Adsense.

Many bloggers think that putting up 3 huge square Google Adsense ads is OK, and a couple of link units is good.

Truth: While it is OK by Google Adsense ToS (you may have a max of 2 search boxes, 2 link units, and 3 ad blocks), it probably won’t be OK with your visitors.

When visitors are bombarded with Google Adsense ads all over in a small area do you think they will click? We all know is that they rarely might. Instead they might never come back to your blog because they don’t like to see advertising plastered all over. It’s the reason why Adblock for Firefox/Chrome is so highly popular.

If you want your ads to be “clickable” put them in an area where they are easy to see, but not eye-magnets. Have your colors match, and if it’s more than 40% of your page then don’t put up an ad. Always bad to have more ad blocks then content.

Verdict: Busted

So that is the top 5 most seen Google Adsense myths all busted. Hope you can take this information with you to stop click fraud, and bloggers who have ads plastered all over.

Remember if you want to make money from Google Adsense follow the tips above. Onecoolsitebloggingtips has tips if you want to make money from Adsense:  learn how to blog first.

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14 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Google Adsense

  1. Thank you for the real world view. As with most things in life, there’s no quick fix and quality will win the day. Again, thank you for the myth busting.

    • I agree that Brad did an excellent job of myth busting and I appreciate the fact that you read his article and left a comment too. Best wishes with your blogging.

  2. I’ve read your article and found your article very interesting, do you still have another article, maybe we can exchange articles.

  3. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings.Good post to spread information among people.

  4. You should ad myth 6 (or modify myth 1): You will make any money on adsense revenue at all.

    All in all, good post, especially needed now that supposedly allows certain blogs to have ads.

    • While most bloggers won’t get much cash from adsense you will be able to make at least pennies.

      And remember if no one really visits, then who will pay you for displaying their products?

  5. Brad,

    I run Adsense on a number of blogs and I am surprised that people click on the ads at all, but they do.

    I completely agree with the general drift of your article though – it takes a lot of hits and a loyal following to get clicks.

    Just, one point though – I don’t get your logic on Myth 1 where you say “if they don’t make a million…”

    “Even top blogs like Tech Crunch, and Engadget make at most $30,000 a day from advertising. They get millions of hits per month so if they don’t make a million how would you?”

    Say they only make $30,000 100 days per year, that is 100 x 30,000 = $3,000,000

    So they do make a million – just not in one day. Or did I misunderstand?

    • Well TC is a blog that has a media department, and tons of employes so each person won’t be laughing all the way to the bank. I don’ t find it surprising that people click since adsense shows the best ads what I am surprised is that all ad networks only average a 1% click rate, or in the case of video egg. That’s why you see so many banner ads as it pays for every 1000 visitors, rather then who pays attention to it.

      • In the case of video egg it pays per engadgement. TC employes do have the 9 to 5 job too. As such most people ( users) find that ads have little point.

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