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What browser?

A web browser is an easy-to-use software application or tool for accessing the  Internet and websites.  A web browser enables a user to display and interact with text, images, and other information typically located on a web page at a website on the World Wide Web or a local area network.

A Web browser is a software program that interprets the coding language of the World Wide Web in graphic form, displaying the translation rather than the coding. This allows anyone to “browse the Web” by simple point and click navigation, bypassing the need to know commands used in software languages.  What is a Web Browser?

Here are some web browsers available by free download:

  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer: In the past most Internet users used  using Internet Explorer, however,  current statistics for browser use indicate that Firefox browsers are becoming the most popular is use on the Internet.
  • Mozilla’s Firefox: Firefox  introduced tabbed browsing, superior security features, and fast loading.
  • Opera: Opera is a light weight browser that’s easy to use but has some compatibility issues with some websites.
  • Mac Safari: Specifically for Mac users, Safari is an excellent choice for a Web browser, with fast load and good compatibility
  • Chrome:  Google Chrome is a new browser runs web pages and applications quickly. It has known issues.

Learn what a web browser really is by watching this 1-minute video.

Learn what a browser isn’t by watching this one :D
What is a browser? was the question we asked over 50 passersby of different ages and backgrounds in the Times Square in New York. Watch the many responses people came up with.

This Browser Compatibility Tutorial explains why you may be seeing browser display errors and recommends steps to avoid these problems. is a free service let’s you  know if you have browser display errors by showing you actual snapshots of your web page display in different browsers, computers, and screen resolutions.

Browser Issues

Some issues that you encounter with your blog or account can be solved by changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookies. Read the full entry in support documentation  Browser Issues

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15 thoughts on “What browser?

  1. To me, Flock is the unsung hero of the browser world. It has all the good things associated with Firefox, AND fully integrated social networking. It’s bloody brilliant, and everyone should know about it!

  2. Thanks for another great post! I especially like the browsershots,org link – I’ve always wanted to know what my blog looked like in other browsers and at other resolutions! :-)

  3. I am a big fan of Firefox and have been using it for a few years now. Also, Safari is available to Windows users as well and I like it too.

    • @Keith
      Thanks for chiming in. Were you surprised by how many people in the second video above did not have a clue what a browser was? I was, and now I’m rethinking who my readers are and where they may be at.

    • I agree. I was gobsmacked. I assumed that most people knew what a browser was and what it does but I guess that just isn’t so. It makes me reconsider how much new bloggers posting to the forum actually know.

      • When I ask my history students which browser they use, they often don’t ask the question. I have to rephrase and use words like Internet Explorer or Firefox and then a light usually goes on. For many, it is just the internet. That is why Europe has made such a big deal about Microsoft’s attempts to lock people into Internet Explorer on their new computers.

  4. timethief, Thank you for introducing and comparing these web browsers and also for providing the definition of a web browser.

    My choice is Firefox and Opera.

    TT, Your posts are very easy to understand and are very informative as well.

    Keep up the excellent job!
    Best Wishes!

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