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hootsuite: cross post content to multiple WordPress accounts

In case you missed it this is an important announcement that’s bound to lead to result in a mega load of happy campers, first, at wordpress.COM and then at wordpress.ORG as well.  Click through to  We’ve added support for WordPress blogs, watch the video, and read what’s now available to users.

First up?As with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress accounts. There is also a Home Feed for blogs you are following, as well as the ability to reblog posts you think are noteworthy.

Video link – How to use WordPress with hootsuite

UPDATE: We’ve had a number of users report that when they try to add their account into HootSuite it pulls back the wrong blog name and avatar. The cause for this has been identified and WordPress has resolved the issue for us. In case anyone is concerned, there was no way for users to post messages to the wrong blog, it was only an issue with the returned display name and avatar. Everything should be working fine now.

Today rahsheen says:

Hootsuite calls itself the “professional Twitter client” and for good reason. The interface is clean, it doesn’t hog your resources, it’s fast,

User feedback welcomed.  :)

2 thoughts on “hootsuite: cross post content to multiple WordPress accounts

  1. I have looked at hootsuite, but just keep going back to tweetdeck because I like the desktop apps better than web apps (I use seesmic on occasion as well) and you can post to multiple twitter and facebook accts from both.

    I usually concentrate on twitter and send twitter feed out to other networking sites.

    • @Keith
      Many bloggers I know are using tweetdeck, and some are using posterous, and friendfeed. Like you most also focus on sending twitter feed out to social networking sites.

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