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If you are a website publisher or you blog on or Blogger (blogspot) software and want to offer your blog printable articles and/or PDFs (newsletters, ebooks, etc.) to your readers watch the video.It demonstrates how you can generate either a free printer friendly version or a free PDF version of a web page .

You can also embed it in your blog posts and/or pages by getting the button.

Those self hosting WordPress.ORG installs can download the PrintFriendly WordPress Plugin

  • Unzip the folder into your wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate PrintFriendly in the plugins section of your admin panel
  • Click on ‘settings’ link given in the plugin description to choose your button style

1. Select Site Type




2. Choose button

Select This Button Style Select this button style Print Friendly Select this button style Select this button style Print Friendly Select This Button Style Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF version of this webpage PDF Text link, or use your own button

3. Get the Embed Code

Copy-and-paste this code into the pages you would like the print button to appear.

<script src=”; type=”text/javascript”></script><a href=”; id=”printfriendly” onclick=”window.print(); return false;” title=”Print an optimized version of this web page”><img  style=”border:none;” src=”; alt=”Print”/></a>

(Note: bloggers. The button code will work only in a post or on a page when inserted into the HTML editor. It will not work in a text widget in the sidebar.)

Hat tip to Z’s  Cup of Tea

19 thoughts on “Have you tried

  1. Hate being the bearer of bad news, tt, but the above and current codes are stripped out on save, leaving you with only a link button to the Print Friendly website.

  2. I don’t understand. Based on your last sentence I insert the button code into the HTML editor of a post but it just takes me to where users would have to reenter the url of the post they wanted to print. Is this the only option for users or is there a way for the button to actually take you to a printfriendly version of the post they clicked from?

    • No. Please read my last sentence above:

      ” Note: bloggers. The button code will work only in a post or on a page when inserted into the HTML editor. It will not work in a text widget in the sidebar.”

  3. not yet, first time hearing about it.

    I wanted to focus on current blog and develop it fully.
    thank you for sharing,
    sharing is caring,
    or loving.

    happy 2010!

  4. Thank you timethief, this is extremely helpful since I’m at a point where I want to offer my readers print friendly downloadable documents that I have been offering to provide for a long time but was looking for a way of making it easily accessible etc. to them. This is perfect.

    BTW, I was so impressed by your blog’s theme, Vigilance, that I switched to it on my heritage blog and I must say it really looks nice and is much easier to navigate.

    Thanks, again and Happy New Year!

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