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Cloud Computing: Changing the Way Business is Done

cloudThanks to the internet, we can use the power of computers at a completely different location, have all the computing power needed and it’s all secure, backed up and made accessible through the web. The key to cloud computing is that you only pay for what you use. The excellent video from Common Craft explains the basics of cloud computing: how it works and why it makes sense for businesses.

The term “cloud computing” encompasses many areas of tech, including software as a service, a software distribution method pioneered by about a decade ago. It also includes newer avenues such as hardware as a service, a way to order storage and server capacity on demand from Amazon and others. What all these cloud computing services have in common, though, is that they’re all delivered over the Internet, on demand, from massive data centers. — How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World

In fact, cloud computing holds the potential to dramatically change the businesses that adopt it, even if the technologies are only used internally. While these possibilities are only now starting to become clear, we can get a decent sense of these now —Eight ways that cloud computing will change business

A PDF report based on an ongoing survey released last month by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) summarizes both the benefits and potential pitfalls of cloud computing, and makes recommendationd to businesses on how to minimize risk. Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security (PDF).

The Cloud Computing in Plain English Video
Using a simple story of a growing florist business, this video explains the basics of cloud computing: how it works and why it makes sense for businesses
and individuals.

  • The difference between on-site computing and cloud computing
  • The financial benefits of cloud computing
  • What makes cloud computing secure and efficient
  • How cloud computing impacts consumers

View the video introduction 3 minutes..

For additional things to consider when contemplating cloud computing please click through to Real Clouds Don’t Have Logos.

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