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red angelIf you self host wordpress when you visit your dashboard you will notice that  WordPress 2.9 is available This is a major upgrade, and brings some new features like a built-in image editor, database optimization, easier video integration, batch plugin update and a trashbin.

I’ve been do busy with holiday preparations that I haven’t been on top of the blogging, computers and technology news.  Today I took some time out and read these articles:

StumbleUpon’s recent upgrade dramatically changes the online sharing game. Some Stumblrs are looking to jump ship, sniffing out other social media like FaceBook for the first time. —  Sorting, Saving and Tossing StumbleUpon Friends

You check your traffic every day but all you find are tumbleweeds blowing across the landscape of your blog. Well, there’s a reason you’re not building readership. Your blog sucks.  — 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

Earlier this week on TechCrunch, Michael Arrington wrote an alarmed post about “fast food content that will surely, over time, destroy the mom and pop operations that hand craft their content today.” Mom and pop operations and hand-crafted content sounds an awful lot like you and me, doesn’t it? —  Should We Be Worried About Fast Food Content?

Move over Google, Apple is moving over to Microsoft’s Bing, sorry! Microsoft launched a Bing app, approved by Apple and ready for download for the iPhone and iPod touch on Apple’s App Store. The application is free. —Bing App for iPhone Launched

The FireFound add-on for the Firefox browser adds tracking and remote wipe features that can help with lost or stolen computers. — Don’t Lose Everything When You Lose a Laptop

Despite the recession, Mac sales continue unabated.  …  many consumers are probably celebrating their first holiday season as Mac users. I’ve compiled this list of gifts for the new Mac user and checked it twice. I’ve chosen software, hardware, books and more that are all under $100, with many costing less than $50. — Cool Stuff – Gifts for new Mac users

Facebook wants you to share.  Facebook encourages you to share.  If you do not want to share, why are you on Facebook? Having said that… Facebook has done a lot to give you control over the information you can share, but it has also opened some doors or “privacy holes”. — Facebook’s Privacy Settings – what’s the fuss about?

Ten privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over recent changes to Facebook’s privacy policy.Led by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the groups criticize Facebook for changes that made previously private information public. —  Facebook Target of FTC Privacy Complaint

In 2010, email marketing is going to be increasingly important to businesses wanting to build strong relationships with their customers. –(video – 10 tips for optimal e-zine success.)  How to get results from e-zines

You have to completely desire success in order to attract it into your life completely. Otherwise, you will always find yourself falling short of your potential. — A Positive Mindset is the Key to Success

Readers, do you have any news to share?

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  2. “Readers, do you have any news to share?”

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