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Please update your bookmarks to reflect that fact that this blog now has it’s own domain

I have fully recovered from the head injury with the exception of some lingering optical nerve damage, neck problems and occasional migraines when I work too long online. My blogging friends were there for me when I needed them and I won’t be forgetting that any time soon. :)

I chose to purchase my new domain through and to purchase domain mapping as well. Consequently the posts from this blog will still appear on the global tagging pages as my blog and I are still members of the community. It will take some time for the change to populate throughout the internet but when it does my blog’s PageRank won’t be negatively affected by the change.

34 thoughts on “New Domain

  1. This is a late to the party reply/question that maybe should be all onto its own…but oh well. I read the banter/discussion between you and raincoaster and a few others on about the SEO implications and value of having your own domain name, hosting your own WP site, and/or having it on

    The company that I’m with has its own domain and site with Network solutions for around 10 years. It has a PR of 5 and has been a static site with just directions and some project reviews. I’m looking to add a blog, which I’ve started at and had planned on porting it to our .com site and servers. But we have a legacy 2003 MS server platform that doesn’t work well with PHP or MySQL (that is what the techs are telling me). I’m not technical, but the result I would like to see is higher pagerank for the overall site and SEO traffic.

    So finally the question: what are your thoughts on moving the blog to our own site versus just leaving it on and; secondly, should it be a blog or should we map the

    • @integralgis
      It’s good to meet you. Please read this entry so you are crystal clear on the differences between free hosted blogs on this multi=user blogging platform and free standing wordpress.ORG software installs

      1. WordPress.COM blogs cannot be embedded into websites. WordPress.ORG installs can be embedded into websites. This is where you get a free WordPres.ORG install from

      2. The hosting requirements for WordPress.ORG installs are as follows:
      To run WordPress your host just needs a couple of things:
      * PHP version 4.3 or greater
      * MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater

      That’s really it. We recommend Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do.

      3. Re: a higher PageRank
      5 is a very respectable PageRank and PageRanks higher than 5 are extremely difficult to attain without an SEO expert who of course one has to pay and listen to.

      I have no advice to offer with regard to your final paragraph because I do not know why you or your company wants to have a blog. What purpose do you expect this blog to serve?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness. I’m fairly familiar with the installation and technical differences between a the .com/.org flavors of wordpress (even though I try to play down my technical side). I was really just trying to get some insights as to whether moving our current blog (which is just getting started) to our own domain at is the best move; or, should we just keep building the site up with content; or, should we map the subdomain to with respect to PR, link juice, etc. We are in a niche market and we could use all of the web hits and traffic we could get.

        Anyway, I’m getting the sense that this is a complex question that doesn’t offer itself to a simple answer, so I’ll look for some local help on it. Again, thank you for the thoughts and take care.

        • @Jon
          You’re right this kind of question is a complex one and is the kind of question that consultants are paid to answer. ;) Best wishes in all you do.

  2. Hi TT,

    Just a quick question out of sheer interest. All the links you got on the old WP subdomain, how are these being redirected to the new domain? Does the domain mapping take care of this?

    • Hi Tim,
      If I had not purchased domain mapping I believe all the original links would be “broken”. I purchased the domain mapping because I believe the result will be the links being redirected to the new domain.

      • Right, thats okay then. I would just keep an eye to make sure the links do come through and are recognised, you may want to ask some of your network who you know link to you to change the link, just to be safe.

        I know what its like changing domains and host, I had to rewrite over 70 urls when I switched the WP for Blogger. Luckily I manageed to salvage most of my links.

        Anyway hope you’re well and enjoy the new year!

        • @Tim
          I’ll keep a close watch and if I need help fathoming what’s going on I’ll be on your blog doorstep.

          Very best wishes to you and yours for a healthy, happy and productive new year. :)

  3. This is my first visit and I see you change the domain. Earlier I see you have a domain but now you have own domain. That’s great. I really like your blog related article, very helpful and well explained. Wish you a very happy holiday season.

    • Thanks. The optic nerve thing is a PITA. It’s like having a spider dangling in front of your left eye, a spider that’s always in motion and that frequently goes spastic. I’m looking forward to being able to blog more often, but first I have some contract work to finish up. Then I pull out the stops and go for it – I’ll post high quality content every day and those search spiders will be coming to momma. :)

  4. You are one strong lady. Reading about your struggle has convinced me to put a Sharing Strengths page and category on my blog. I have book marked this page. Thank you for all you do.

    • @David
      I planned long ago to do this but shortly after I founded the blog I was discouraged to find someone had purchased the domain with the name I wanted before I could purchase it. Then I had the accident and purchasing a domain didn’t sit high on the priority list.

      Thanks for finding enough value in my posts to be a regular reader. I’d like to wish you a joyful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year.

    • @NITYIN
      Thanks for the well wishes. I didn’t purchase a domain previously as <a I was recovering from a head injury. I was not unclear about how much blogging I could do and how much help I could get from guest bloggers. As it was, I got by with help from my blogging friends. :)

      • Timethief,

        Your PR ‘will’ fall from 4 to 0 (just like me or Raincoaster) but you will get it back in some month. Existing visits/hits are not affected at all. Your domain forwarding will expire in one year (unless you extend it after a year).

        • @Vikas
          Did you know that this is not the first time I have done this? lol :D I do know how the process works but thanks for your friendship and supportive words. I’m NOT sweating this. I know how it goes. :)

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