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Free Christmas countdown tickers for your blog

xmascatUpdated November 29th, 2014 although the Ult-tex Christmas Countdown site still exists it appears to be abandoned.

Updated December 2012.

Yesterday, I located  free 57 Christmas countdown banners (468 pixels x 60 pixels) for you to use on your home page of your website, in blog posts and pages,  or in your email signatures. They use a CGI script to automatically count down the days remaining until Christmas.  I tested them  and the code works on wordpress.COM blogs!

To use the countdown banners, simply cut or copy the code from the textbox below the banner of your choiceon the Ult-tex Christmas Countdown site and paste it in the HTML of your web page, blog post or page, or email signature. The days remaining will change each night at 12:00am central time.

If you are a wordpress blogger using the Vigilance theme you will find that these countdown tickers fit nicely into an Alert box.

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3 thoughts on “Free Christmas countdown tickers for your blog

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  2. Beautiful tickers :)

    Thank you TT for sharing the link. Wow! Christmas is just round the corner, tickers can be fun to constantly remind us to speed up with the preparations.

    Hope you have wonderful time this festive season :)


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