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Free Christmas blog headers and graphics

Updated  December 18th, 2015. I like making my own blog headers so I’m always on the watch for free photos and graphics. I have been surfing the net and have located some sites that provide free Christmas blog headers and other graphics that I’d like to share with my readers.
Christmas Graphics

  1. Free Christmas PowerPoint Backgrounds
  2. Christmas photos and Christmas images
  3. 35 High Quality Free Christmas Vector Graphics
  4. Public Domain Christmas Pictures
  5. Free Christmas Graphics
  6. Free Christmas Divider Graphics 
  7. Free Christmas header art
  8. Free blog header – Christmas Holly
  9. Free Christmas wallpapers
  10. Animated Christmas banners
  11. Christmas Pictures 
  12. iHolidayClipart
  13. Free Christmas Graphics and Clipart
  14. Free Christmas-related clipart images

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24 thoughts on “Free Christmas blog headers and graphics

  1. Thanks for the links. I see a good variety of resources…something I could use for my Christmas Markets blog. Cheers

  2. As a webdesigner myself , I’m glad to see that another individual brought up this topic.

    Many people just don’t grasp the concept of what all is involved in this field, and I think also we are many times not appreciated enough
    or taken for granted. Never the less I’m glad to see that you feel the same way I do , thanks so much for this post!

    • The topic is free Christmas blog headers and graphics. Are you making such an offer on your blog at this late date? Did you offer during free Christmas blog headers and graphics the holiday season? Or are you just posting a comment so you can drop your link?

  3. I made my festive blog header at casa az from a photo I took on a recent trip to Málaga, but I will definitely be checking out some of the other resources you posted here. Thanks!

    And Felices Fiestas!

    • Hello Ron it’s nice to meet you. I’m happy to gear that you find my site worthy of linking to. Thanks so much for that. If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

  4. Timethief,

    Merry Christmas!….. All the links and helpful guidance you have given over the past year have been a great gift to so many….. Thank you.


    • @Margaret
      Thanks for your kind words. I like helping other bloggers and receiving validation for doing so. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. :)

  5. @timethief, thank you dear for bring and all of these collection of useful and nice resources :) Happy Xmas and New Year…Wish you joy, happiness, and peace :)

  6. Glad to be the first one to comment, you always have b logger’s best interest in mind, that is very sweet of you.
    Br proud of your act and have a graceful evening!
    Take good care.

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