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There are dozens of important consumer trends worth noting at any given time of the year.  The global recession hasn’t ended and will affect the trends in buying patterns for years to come. Tracking consumer trends  is  a way to gain inspiration for  profitable new goods and services to develop, and showcase in your business blog, when you are ready to offer them to your clients and customers  in 2010. 


If you are looking towards improving your business and your blog, begin by doing your homework. Use all the tools you can to assess where you are at, and to compare both your quantitative and qualitative information to that of your competitors.

  1. Check your demographics. Has your audience (client, customers) base changed or expanded?
  2. Are your sales and your blog traffic going up or down?
  3. What are the  ‘trending’ topics in your own business, your blog, and in your niche?
  4. How effective is your brand promotion?

Reference containing links to tools Blogging: Learning SEO is worth the effort

Comparative Research

What are your competitors doing more effectively than you are doing?

  1. To find blogs on any topic, industry or trend, use keyword and keyword phrase searches and blog search engines like Technorati, Google Blog Search, Yahoo blog search, Bing blog search and similar search. Don’t forget to use niche search engines as well.
  2. Use keyword searches and ‘consumer trends’ to start a flow of information from Google Alerts, Twitter Search.
  3. Expand your knowledge base by using Google Reader, Bloglines or any other RSS aggregator like Netvibes to acquire an inflow of information from feeds from every source you want to track.
  4. Do keyword searched of  social media sites and social networks, forums, directories,  and online groups.
  5. Subscribe to relevant free newsletters. For example when you subscribe to the eMarketer Daily Newsletter, you get a free insider’s look at the latest eMarketer analysis. Two new articles with eMarketer charts are delivered to your inbox each weekday morning.
  6. Also search for all information that is relevant to the business of online marketing and media such as whitepapers, best practices guides, and research briefs.

Blogging is big and business blogging is poised for growth

A new blog is launched every second, but despite business blogging being the hot marketing term of the moment, blogs are read by fewer only 14% of US internet users. Over 90% of both small and large businesses still do not have a blog, but the situation is poised to change as companies discover the benefits of blogging. Now is the time to smarten up your website and add a blog or improve what you have.

4 thoughts on “Business and Blogging Trends

  1. Master Resale Rights Superstore December 12, 2009 — 7:40 am

    Great points Timethief! Blogging is a great way to get traffic as self hosted wp blogs get indexed very quickly. Using plugins like “google sitemap generator” can really be a great benefit to any blog. And I suggest making at least 1 post every single day with a combination of other helpful plugins like tweet this or twitter tools as well.

    1. I agree with you and I’ve shared the same advice in other posts on this blog.

  2. Hi Timethief, Another excellent post sooo full of such informative information that one has to read this in order just to get a grip on what and where they feel they are going with their blogs. Like you said 2010 is a good time to reassess our blogs/websites and decide what direction we want to take our online business in and what our intentions are for our blogs in the new year. Has our intent for what we had planned when we first started blogging changed and if so how and do we like that direction and do we still enjoy what we are doing?= There’s so many things to think about in this post that you really make all of us have to read this more than one time just to let all the information to sink in. Thanks so much. jj

    1. @jj
      Thanks for the visit and the read. You’re right the post is packed pretty full of information and may require more than one reading . Once I started writing I was “on a roll”. ;)

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