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Google’s Real Time Search Under Scrutiny

Has the age of persuasion become the age of invasion?

Relevance meets the Real Time Web
As the changes roll out Google is taking on Bing’s Twitter deal and Twitter itself with updates from Facebook and Twitter. The video demonstrates how real-time search was supposed to work was released, but not to rave reviews.

Google has added real-time results to its search results pages for desktop computers, iPhone, and Android devices. Google’s real-time search capability is being made possible in part through a series of content partnerships. Having recently struck a deal with Twitter to index tweets, Google has also entered into partnerships with Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku, and to include public information in Google’s real-time index. Google Search Goes Real Time

In Google Releases Real-Time Reputation Problem Lisa Barone says:

I recommend reading Rae’s post Google Enables Real Time Spam and More to get a full understanding of how Google’s current implementation opens Pandora’s Box to widespread spam and even dangerous behavior that may affect your children. However, I wanted to talk about it from a brand and reputation management perspective. If you were the type of business that was slow to monitor what people were saying about you, you’re probably just got far worse.

Real Time Search

Discover breaking news on the web with real-time updates from news, blogs and social networks.

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2 thoughts on “Google’s Real Time Search Under Scrutiny

  1. Read about this in the IHT and thought: I hope there’s a way to shut it off! As an example of a search for Copenhagen talks they gave as an example of a real-time search result some Tweet that said: It’s snowing in Marin County – explain that, Copenhagen.
    Tell me, is that relevant? Useful? There are already too many spam results on google without cluttering it up with real-time chatter like that.

    • Yes, indeed we are going to be witnessing interesting times ahead when it comes to relevance. From my own exposure using twitter I say that most of what’s going on there is neither relevant nor meaningful to my blogging or my life. I’m not about to swap my offline life for one comprised of spending hours every day engaged in meaningless 140 character exchanges of blather, and retweeting links.

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