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Free Cartoons and Drawings for Your Blog

doodle old tree seeking forest to join
It’s officially “the holiday season” and if you wish to spruce up your blog there are free seasonal graphics on the internet you can use to create headers for your blog and sidebar decorations. But I’m about to share with you the sites of two bloggers, who are generously offer free cartoons and drawings to fellow bloggers all year round.

doodle disappearing forestFrits, the hiking artist is also graciously offering free drawings to other bloggers.

I have decided to let bloggers download and use my drawings for free… so now you can use my work for free on your blog. Download my work from my site.

In addition he has started to add a few environmental flavored illustrations on his other blog that are also free for use.

Have fun and please enjoy. I hope my drawings can be useful to you guys and help support your writings. Keep up the good work and let me know if this is useful for you.


Johnny Ancich is graciously providing his expired cartoons to other bloggers.

The cartoons in my blog are FREE for personal and not-for-profit (non-commercial) use only. They can be used on your personal web sites and personal blogs, provided you use the supplied HTML code in each cartoon’s post. If the cartoon post has no HTML code provided below the cartoon, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the right side of the blog and I will provide the HTML code within a day or two.

Commercial users, both online and off-line, please contact me for terms and conditions before using any of these images.

If you are looking for cartoons related to a particular subject, use the tag cloud below this post to help zero in on cartoon topics you are after.

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7 thoughts on “Free Cartoons and Drawings for Your Blog

  1. Thanks for this very helpful post. Your blog is very helpful for laypersons like me. I just want to ask a question – hope am not being too demanding. I changed my Gravatar on last night. Now, when I log in from my blog and comment on other people’s wordpress blogs, the new Gravatar shows, but on my own blog, the old Gravatar cntinues to show – whether I write the comment as logged in or without logging in – but keeping the email to which this new Gravatar is tied. I have deleted the old image from my blog’s profile, but still the old image shows on my own blog. I wonder why this is happening – why is WordPress reading my email as tied to two images for other blogs and for my own blog?
    Thanks for taking the time to solving this for me.

  2. Thanks TT for sharing this info on this really cool site ;) It is so hard to find good graphics online to use! You are such a huge help everyone.

    • Thanks for the compliment and I’ll send it right back to you. I think it’s great that these two are willing to share so feel free to spread the word, I mean links. lol :)

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