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Content is King, Marketing is Queen

Gary Vaynerchuk author of “Crush It!” and founder of Winelibrary.TV a social web 2.0 media entrepreneur, puts some of the focus of his success and personal branding strategy down to understanding that “Content is King, Marketing is Queen”.

Whatever the format of your Content be it video, images, audio or text, when it comes to putting it on the internet and connecting and creating awareness this can only be done through Marketing. Work hard on the Content and be smart on the Marketing, make use of the social networks and understand how the game is changing, citing things like twitter, social networks, using online video, how using a camera and talking about wine got him noticed and how he now has the same agent representation as Oprah Winfrey.

Gary Vaynerchuk Crush It tour. Mesa, AZ from Jay Thompson on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Content is King, Marketing is Queen

    • In this case “marketing” is synonymous with “promotion”. Frankly I find the inundation of internet marketers into the blogosphere, along with the legions of make money bloggers, who are pimping their blogs out for profit have little to say that interests me at all. Perhaps that’s because they aren’t saying anything that’s “new” to me.

  1. timethief,

    Yes, all of these marketing techniques really do work…. Then, I think of how little time I have available to do those necessities…. Everybody’s life situation and other obligations are different — not to mention their purpose in setting up a blog site….. It all makes the Internet interesting.


    • @Maragaret
      I’ve been a member of the blogosphere for several years now and I find that my time is too precious to spend much of it tweeting and stumbling and voting up posts in social networks. Blogging is my passion, and as I am not a make money blogger, and derive no income at all from blogging, I limit the time I spend on blog promotion.

      My recommendation to every blogger who asks me about social media and social network promotion is to develop a Social media time management strategy and stick to it.

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