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Are you surfing the Google Wave?

Google-Wave-logoAll over the internet we see people saying they have an invitation to try out Google Wave, or crying the blues because they haven’t received one as yet. The two videos below Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 and  Google Wave Overview explain what riding the wave is all about.  It’s an open source personal communication and collaborative tool.

In nutshell Google Wave is a real time communication platform that can be used in these ways:

  • as a messaging system;
  • as a collaboration tool for projects;
  • as a way to share and commentary and discussion on photos and videos;
  • as a wiki with shared data being editable by anyone who wants to contribute.

Google Wave can be extended using gadgets and robots. The range of applications and gadgets offer more options, for example, collaborative maps and a Twitter tool.

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5 thoughts on “Are you surfing the Google Wave?

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  2. I have been wondering what this Google Wave was all about. This is very helpful. I still don’t know whether it is worth my time yet, though.

    • @Dee
      It’s so nice to see your username here. I intend to let all the eager beaver beta testers rock on and when it’s all stable I’ll come on board. ;)

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