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Blogging: Focus on Content Creation

signsThis morning I am following the advice in the video below. I’m not allowing myself to become distracted away from creating content. I’m focusing on building content, and I will do nothing else  until this post, and another one for my other blog are completed and ready for publication.

Content Creation Checklist

(1) Identify a readers’ need and solve a problem. This is the kind of content readers will bookmark and pass on to others.

(2) Write consistently over time creating completely new content that’s useful to your readers.

(3) Connect with your readers, create discussion, establish and maintain blog centered relationships by loving your readers to death.

Warning: Watching This Video May Lead to Work!

It’s easy to get distracted as a blogger – but one thing you can’t ignore is creating content for your blog. — Darren Rowse

From the video

Don’t just sit there go and write a blog post.

Don’t come back here until you have written it.

Don’t get on Twitter until it’s ready to be published.

Don’t check your email until you’ve written it.

Don’t read another article about blogging until you’ve done some of your own.

Don’t get onto Digg, don’t visit Facebook …

Don’t leave a comment on another blog …

Don’t tweak your blog’s design …

Don’t check your PageRank …

Don’t check Google Analytics …

Don’t install another plugin …

Don’t do any of that until you have written that post!

It’s all about the balance. Other activities can augment the blog, but without the blog as an anchor (containing useful content), the other activities can’t stand alone. — socialphototalk

17 thoughts on “Blogging: Focus on Content Creation

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  2. I used to do all of that and more, until I figured if I said anything more, it would be just re-hashing old stuff. I ran out of gas. It died. My blog died with it. It limps along, zombie-like, a whisper of its former self stumbling from post to post in tatters and rags, afraid to go out in the daylight and avoiding mirrors. What should I do? Take it off-line? What does one do with a blog when you feel it’s run its course and you’re just posting once in a while for the heck of it?

    • I hear you Ian. Over the long term maintaining energy and enthusiasm for blogging isn’t always easy. Maybe it’s time to rethink your purpose for the blog and develop some themes. Spend some time sorting your photos into themes and then select one and blog it. If you check out Jeans’s cycling blog she develops themes from her photos and puts the two together to create very interesting and unique posts.

      Get your camera out and start sorting through the images you already have.

      I have always wanted to read more about Germany in your blog. I’ll never travel there but if you were to develop some themes about where you live and use your images in them I’d be interested in reading them.

      Example: Germans are wonderful bakers. What are the coffee shops, tea shops and bakeries like there?

      Food is a big topic. What are restaurants like there. Are there fast food joins like the numerous ones we have here?

      How many people keep pets? Are cats favored over dogs?

      What about public art there? Why not take some photos of it and produce a post on it or even on graffiti?

      Transportation: How many people ride bicycles, buses and/or walk to work in German cities? Here we have sprawling suburbs. What is it like there?

      What are the city parks like?

      How about doing some photo blog themed posts like for example photos of doors and windows (insert any theme here like mothers and babies, men and their dogs, people with umbrellas, etc.). I’m sure they will be different than what I see in Canada. Do you also have photos of doors and windows (insert any theme here like mothers and babies, men and their dogs, people with umbrellas, etc.) in other countries you have visited? You could do a post that highlights the contrasts.

      I think you get the idea, right?

      You need to poke some embers, stir some coals, and add some kindling before you toss some more logs into the fire.

      P.S. Re: Windows
      I’m laughing maniacally. I just read and left you a comment.

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  4. Yes,content is very important. I noticed that too. It does not matter, the length of the post, it’s the subject,and what you write in your own words that really matter, for me anyway!

  5. Hi TiTi,

    Guilty! That’s the verdict that I’d have to arrive at about my own blogging procrastination tendencies, after reading this post and watching the video. It’s not new news, but as Darren mentioned: It’s something important for bloggers to hear every now and again.

    I do all of the listed time-wasting activities while writing. A look at my toolbar shows eight Word documents containing posts at various levels of completeness. I alternate working on them until the hook, the conclusion, or the back-story (whichever it is that is missing in the piece) comes to me. It’s a wholly ineffective way to work if time-to-post were my major consideration, but it’s a good way for me to promote idea generation. Breaking away from writing to participate in social media effectively ends my writing efforts for the day, as it’s easy to get caught up in all of those other activities.

    Thanks for the reminder. Let’s see if I can follow through and finish one of those posts today.

    • I do too, Ray. I posted this as feature post to remind myself not to succumb to distractions. It’s so easy to get caught up in reading email, blogs and social networking and realize hours have passed but no posts have been published. I’m resting my back so I want to be sure when I am online that I’m spending my time effectively.

  6. Well, I also followed the video advice, and wrote a post about it C: I linked to this post ^^
    It’s good to know I’m not the only one who procrastinates, even Thank you so much for posting it~!


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