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Re-mix the web with Netvibes

netvibes logoNetvibes is a free web site that lets you personalize your web experience. Take everything that matters to you while online — newspapers, blogs, weather, email, search, videos, photos, social networks, podcasts, widgets, games and funny applications — then bring them together in one single page, your personalized page.  You can make this page automatically update every time you open it. That’s what netvibes does. And it does so much more.
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Netvibes lets you:

  • Put your stuff in a page accessible from any computer or mobile device;
  • Manage and update your facebook and twitter accounts from one place;
  • Along with your personal, private page, create a public page viewable by everyone;
  • Setup a “watch” dashboard to keep track of your favorites subjects;
  • Pick a widget from a large catalogue of content and applications;
  • Put a widget on your own blog or computer desktop ;
  • Share anything in your page with your friends.

If you are ready to (re)mix the web, then try Netvibes and return here to share your feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Re-mix the web with Netvibes

  1. Timethief, I have no experience with the Google or Yahoo profile pages, but my use for Posterous and NetVibes are totally different experiences. With NetVibes I can pick and choose multiple streams of data and monitor them all at once on the same page. I’ve never done that with Posterous, is it possible?

  2. Hey Timethief,

    I’ve been using NetVibes for about a month and I think it’s great. I am very anxious to get my invite to the new Wasabi Edition which should be coming soon.


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