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Are you digging Digg Trends and Digg TV?



Digg has just introduced some new features aimed at enhancing user experience. Digg Trends is a new feature that highlights active upcoming stories that haven’t yet hit the homepage. Digg TV has been launched so fans of shows like Diggnation and The Digg Reel, can watch their favorite Digg TV shows.

Digg Trends will be available a few times a daily  in a special section at the top of the homepage for a ten minute time span. During that ten minute window of opportunity members can vote and comment thereby influencing whether or not a story becomes popular. Be sure to login to Digg regularly so you can weigh in on Digg Trends and follow the new Twitter account that has been set up @digg_trends – to alert you when a Digg Trend is up for voting on the homepage.

Be sure to check out Digg TV at   There you will find:

Diggnation: Hosted by Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, Diggnation is a beer-fueled tech/web culture show dedicated to the discussion of the top stories on Digg, whether it’s the latest flame wars or thoughts on time travel.

The Digg Reel: Host Andrew Bancroft features the funniest, coolest, & most controversial Digg videos of the week.

Digg Dialogg: You ask, we listen. Submit questions to fascinating luminaries like Matt Damon, Trent Reznor, Sir Richard Branson and we ask the top ones during the video interview.

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