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Technorati and HubSpot Blog Grade

techiconIf you are wondering what’s going on with Technorati then you are not alone. Aside from the redesign of the site other changes have taken place and the most common question of the hour is:  “Where did all my authority go?”

Embedded in that Technorati blog entry linked to above are two excerpts that were of great interest to me.

Sites that we have added to the clean index are being crawled, having detailed authority calculated, display recent posts (one at the moment) on our site, and contribute to other sites authority.  We are continuously adding more and more sites to this index, and are working on ways to do so faster, but as you can imagine, the volume of sites to qualify is enormous.

If you find any sites getting that treatment that do not belong, please feel free to let us know in the Site Details page comments on, or over at GetSatisfaction/Technorati.

When I found this time ~ this place: personal growth, development and relationships blog appeared to be lacking an authority,  a rank and at first no no posts were displayed, but a day later one was displayed,  I found a current thread GetSatisfaction feedback on the same topic  and posted into it.

What happened to my authority? Why don’t you show any recent posts for my blog?

this time this space replied 15 days ago


My blog doesn’t have any authority or ranking assigned to it either. Up until yesterday the latest post was not displaying but now it is. Hopefully, this problem will be rectified soon.
sad I’m frustrated
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this time this space commented 12 days ago

YAY! I am happy. Many thanks to technorati staff. My blog has now been updated (16245.*) has an authority of 415. I appreciate how switfly staff acted to rectify my problem. I appreciate it. :)

Yesterday I submitted onecoolsite to website grader and received the following report:

In Mid-October 2009, the blogging directory and rankings site Technorati discontinued their calculation of Blog Rank and related data. HubSpot was using Technorati’s index for the Blog Analytics report, so we have removed this stat from the Blog Analytics tool. In order to continue to provide you with this valuable ranking data on your blog’s success, we will be integrating our own metric called Blog Grade into this page in the next few weeks.

Until we are able to finish integrating Blog Grade into the HubSpot product, your blog rank will show as “Not Ranked”. You do not need to do anything to prepare for the switch to blog rank – It will be automatically switched over to grade your blog properly when it is available. — Source

The truth is that like everyone else I’m flummoxed when it comes to figuring out what is going on. The six month link window is gone since the tune-up and exactly what’s happening behind the scenes remains a mystery.

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16 thoughts on “Technorati and HubSpot Blog Grade

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  2. Hmm, ya the only problem is that there having a delete blog backlog also. I have 2 blogs waiting to be removed, and 1 to be added. Its been several weeks now.

    I really don’t care about technorati though it never drove traffic to my blogs.

    • @Mike
      I also have a new blog I would like to claim but I haven’t got around to doing that as yet due to the fact I know there is a backlog. Like you I have never seen a referral from Technorti and have never derived any traffic from there. I believe that only bloggers who do get traffic from Technorati are the top 100 blogs and that’s unfortunate.

  3. Hi TT,
    I ran my humble blog through that website grader and it came up with this, among other things:

    No meta keywords found

    What is the difference between a tag/category and a meta keyword? Or do blogs not have them?


  4. Timethief

    I claimed my blog there on October 28 and it still isn’t showing up when I do a search there and it’s not in my profile either. So I wrote to them and here’s their response:
    Hi Kalamarie,
    Unfortunately, all you can do now is wait for your blog to make it’s way through our claims processing & review, which currently is taking MUCH longer than it should.

    What a shame, there are so many unhappy bloggers writing to Technorati with numerous complaints.

    • @KalaMarie
      Thanks for sharing the response you got. My very best advice is don’t sweat this. Obviously they are trying to fix a very broken system. It will take time to make the corrections so we all need to exercise patience.

  5. TimeThief, I think all of us have been frustrated by Technorati ranking which became mysterious. Although I am not from the people who worry too much about ranking (Google PR, Alexa Rank, No. of Comments, etc) but it’s normal to wonder about what’s happening. Nevertheless, I discovered “HubSpot” few months ago!

    • I’m not worrying much about it either. It makes zero send to expend any concern and energy on something we have no power to change. HubSpot is a cool site so I’m glad you are tuned into it.

  6. @ileaneb
    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you are disappointed with Technorati staff response to complaints filed at getsatisfaction. I have also been canvassing my fellow bloggers for their opinions. There are a few who are new and have very new blogs who are concerned about the changes, but among the vast majority there isn’t much concern. They are well established and give little credence to Technorati it’s workings and it’s rankings. They tell me it’s been “broken” for a long time.

  7. Hi timethief,

    I’ve see quite a few bloggers and site owners concerned about this situation with Technorati and with drops in their Google PR too, so thanks for the info in this post. I will share it with others that have concerns. I was disappointed with the follow up from Get Satisfaction, so it is good to see that they reacted more positively in your case.

    With the websitegrader and blog grade tools from Hub Spot, under the Social Media analysis I’m disappointed that Diggs are at the top of the list and Twitter and StumbleUpon aren’t referenced. I also received conflicting information from the two tools about the number of bookmarks on delicious, RSS feed, and the overall ranking.

    I’m afraid that the web is so voluminous that it will be a difficult task for any of these tools to provide a stable snapshot of an individual website or blog. One site becomes “the authority”, and it seems overnight it shuts down or changes policy without warning. Lately it’s been like a roller-coaster ride for so many that are concerned with these rankings.

    Thanks again for the post and I hope your numbers continue to grow.

  8. @Rick
    G’day. Of course your are biased. ;) It’s been a very long time since most have considered Technoarti ranking to be reliable. I just ran this site through HubSpot to get the Blog Grade and read the results.
    * Rank 49 out of 2,377
    * Traffic Rank 74,285
    * Inbound Links 22,805
    * Frequency n/a
    Compete Rank: 33
    Google PageRank: 4
    mozRank: 4.28
    Google Indexed Pages: 963

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  9. Hi. As regular blogger at HubSpot, I’ve been following this situation, too.

    It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen with the Technorati ranks, so I’ve shifted my focus from Technorati’s Blog Rank to HubSpot’s Blog Grade. Of course, I’m biased :), but I find the ranking simpler and more reliable.

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