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Guest blogging opportunities, arrangements and concerns

friendshandsGuest blogging on a blog in the same niche as your own that has higher PageRank than your own blog has provides opportunities for:

promoting one’s own reputation as a blogger;
and earning a backlink to your own blog.

Due to health problems I have encountered over the course of the last year I have had several guest bloggers here on onecoolsite, and also on this time ~ this space: personal growth, development and relationships blog.

Guest Blogger Arrangements – Admin Access

On wordpress we can make a choice of four roles for added users.

  • Administrator – An administrator can do everything. Complete power over posts/pages, comments, settings, theme choice, import, users – the whole shebang. Nothing is off-limits, including deleting the entire blog.
  • Editor – An editor can publish, edit, and delete any posts/pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files.
  • Author – An author can edit, publish and delete their posts and they can upload files.
  • Contributor- A contributor can edit their posts but cannot publish. Once a contributor’s post is approved by an administrator and published, however, it may no longer be edited by the contributor.

Guest Blogger Arrangements – Email Submissions

I did not choose to set the guest authors up with Admin access to my blogs, and I felt the wisest course of action was not to provide Admin access to my blogs to guest authors.  I decided that the email me your posts and I’ll do the rest was the best scenario for me so it’s the one that I used.

(1) I sent an email invitation to blogger friends, who blog on themes related to my own blogs to submit original articles not found elsewhere on the subjects outlined in both of my two blog descriptions. We discussed what subject matter the guest post(s) would contain and the expected word count by email.

onecoolsite – a growing collection of Tips and Tutorials on How to Become a Better Blogger, How to Build a Better Blog and where to find free Blogging Tools and Resources.
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thistimethisspace – a personal development, growth and relationships blog containing posts on alternative medicine, blogging, conscious living, and self improvement.
Tags: personal growth and development, relationships, Spirituality, alternative medicine, self improvement, conscious living.

(2) The guest bloggers emailed their articles and accompanying images to me for publication.

(3) I read the submissions and where I felt editing was required, I contacted the guest author by email and discussed the same with them.

(4) When we were both happy with the content, I copy pasted the completed article into a post. Then I undertook formatting, assigning categories and tags, and  published the posts which clearly stated “by Guest author (insert name)” and their name was backlinked to their blog.

(5) When it came to article promotion both the guest author and I jointly undertook promoting the guest post throughout the social networks we belong to.

(6) The guest authors agreed to make themselves available to respond to comments on their articles.

Help create guest blogger policy

I have not yet created an official  Guest Blogger Policy and would like to invite my readers to help me do that.

Discussion questions:

(1) Have you ever had guest bloggers create posts for your blog? If so, what criteria did you set for the post content and length, and what other arrangements did you make?

(2) Have you ever had guest bloggers create posts for your blog and found that the experience turned out badly? If so, would you like to share the details?

(3) Would you consider having guest authors create posts for your blog? If so, do you have any criteria or concerns you would like to discuss?

19 thoughts on “Guest blogging opportunities, arrangements and concerns

  1. hi..Good name is Angel,i’m new to WP…i saw ur site so perfect…could u please tell me how to make the picture appears at the main page when i posting a new blog? SORRY for the poor english… more to install the translator tool as ur page…..thank u..hav a nice and wonderful dayssssssssssss

  2. Haven’t yet had a true guest blogger. But recently much to my shock, I received a photo set contribution which gives me fodder to blog. So I credit the photographer for every single photo of his and provide link to his website.

    I am a guest blogger for an organization and directly author the article with a photo or 2 insert.
    They have basic policies on format: No coloured text, centre all photos (no right/left justified). I was actually never told about a maximum length for article, but there are other guest blogger articles by other writers which gives me a general guideline. There is no vetting of my articles which I’m not certain what that means….BUT as one of the direct authors I can view the statistics for no. of views for all posted articles by all guest bloggers. Which is a very interesting inside knowledge for my own understanding.

    Yes, of course I monitor the view statistics for articles I write as a guest blogger. It motivates me to continue and craft hopefully useful articles.

  3. Hi Thank you for your tips and articles on Guest Posting Policy. I have drawn inspiration for our blog from your policy and put together our own.
    I have used some of your points, I hope you don’t mind :)
    Thanks once again.

  4. @Heather
    Hello there. The way I see it if you do not provide Admin access you are taking the safest course of action that you can take. Best wishes to you.

  5. Thank you for this. I’ve been interested in having a guest blogger for quite some time, but have also been really wary about it. Been looking for some good tips on how to go about it (without having to worry if someone will highjack or ruin my blog).

  6. I have found that having other bloggers who use WordPress create their guest posts in the editor and then email me the html version works ideally. By doing this I don’t have the headaches with formatting issues that regular pasting can cause and they can control the links, mouseover text and images.

    I may experiment with granting contributor access to regular guest bloggers eventually. Balancing learning curves with productivity is a continual challenge. It does occur to me that it would be best to at least publish from a guest account instead of my usual one so it is obvious the post is a guest post.

  7. I’ve done many guest posts, and had a number on my blogs (notably on as eco-gadget reviews). I’ve found that it’s best to ask the topic of the post before they write it, this is so that you’re all on the same page in terms of expectations. Clearly word count, grammar and style are also conditions you need to convey to your writer.

    I’ve not actually found any issues with guest blogging, other than finding blogs to write for in the first place. I’ve recently created a tool called to help me find more writers or blogs to write for. It’s going very well so far. Perhaps you might like to try it to find some more writers?


    • I’m delighted that you contacted me by posting this comment. I have visited your own blog, read your post about blog synergy, visited and read everything on the blog synergy site and registered. I’m looking forward to pursuing this as I have two blogs I will welcome guest writers to create content for. I may even be tempted to become a guest blogger for other sites as well. :)

    • @linewire
      This theme Vigilance by Jestro (see footer) is one of the 70 odd free GPL themes that bloggers can select to use. It has been adapted from a theme so it can run on software. It allows for a customized header (920 x 180 pixels) and the background, border, link colors and hover colors can be changed to suit. It also has an alert box (596 x 125 pixels) which can be enabled or disabled. If it is enabled then it appears at the top of the blog entries column. It can containing any text, including links and/or images that the blogger creates.

      P.S. The version of this theme which has more customizable options but no large top customizable header can be viewed on my blog this time ~ this space: personal growth development and relationships blog.

  8. I don’t think most blogs like ours need a formal policy. If you are advertising for guest posts then some guidelines are in order (make it part of the ‘calling all guest’ page). I’ve asked several people for posts on my WP team blog (the freshness value and rounding out areas like life-hacks that we may have overlooked). I don’t ask unless I’m confident they will write what I need with little editing. I may say ‘do what you do best, but try to relate it to being a blogger).

    It’s a honor and convenience for the guest to see the post author name as theirs, not mine or ‘guest’. Many comment systems highlight author replies and send them a note when readers comment. Our new theme has an author profile at the end of each post.

    They send the post draft by email or Word, but I create a author profile where only I have the login password. I just add the post under my id and select the guest writer as the author. They never login.

    • @SBA
      “I create a author profile where only I have the login password. I just add the post under my id and select the guest writer as the author. They never login.”

      Hmmm … now you have given me some food for thought. So as I’m the introverted type who must mull things over before making a decision that’s what I’ll be doing. Thanks for commenting and contributing. I appreciate it. :)

  9. I have a lot of guest authored posts at Little Four Eyes, though I call them “reader posts” since they are almost all written by my readers. I just ran the math, and a quarter of the posts are guest/reader posts.

    I give my authors a choice of either writing something and emailing it to me, or being set up as an author in WordPress. Both ways have worked well. I have set up a separate user account called “Reader Posts” and if someone emails the post to me, I publish it under that user so that the authorship is a little more clear, and I will link to the author’s blog or website if they ask me to. I do very little editing of the actual posts, usually just formatting things. I don’t actually have any policy, the posts need to be related to children and vision, but that’s the only real criteria I’ve given. I may write something up, but I want guest posting to be as easy as possible for my readers, and I find that they seem a little easily spooked, and I don’t want a policy to scare anyone off.

    • @AnnZ
      Thanks so much for the visit and for sharing your guest blogging experiences. I think the “Reader Posts” idea is a cool one. I also agree that it’s important to keep things easy and I haven’t considered that a written policy could scare anyone off until you pointed this out. I’m going to continue the practice I use now unless or until there’s a reason to change it. All my best to you. :)

  10. I run three blogs. Two of these are self written and the third is a travel blog. To generate content for the travel blog I have had many guest authors to share their travelogues on this site. I also do the same thing. Get the article in mail, edit, create a user and publish on site. Till now I have had no issues with anyone. Both my authors and me are very clear from the beginning about the subject. I always show them the final draft of the article and take their approval. But I haven’t given them admin access till now.

    In fact having guest authors on the blog is a very good idea as it brings a freshness to the entire set-up.

    • @Nityin
      Thanks for sharing your experiences. You are quite right another advantage gained by having guest bloggers is that “freshness” factor. Thanks for contributing and best wishes for happy blogging.

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