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Link love for guest bloggers

2_Love-letterThank you all so much  for the support you gave me by becoming guest authors and writing terrific posts for my readers during my healing process. Recovering from a head injury is not easy and I appreciate your kindness and generosity very much.

Here’s my link love for Richard, Roads, Tim Grice, Potato Chef, roentarre, codesucker, MeghnaK, SBA, Vikas Gupta, Glen L Graham II Shirley Petretic, voodookobra, Melinda Roberts Tyler, Nicky Jameson, buddhaofhollywoodWindroot, Teresa Silverthorn, and also for T3ck who was not a guest author but who offered me his personal support throughout my healing process.

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12 thoughts on “Link love for guest bloggers

    • @proofpositivity
      {{HUG}} to you too. Last scan showed much improvement – yay! Shingles improving. Nerve endings still hurt but the pain and swelling have reduced. :)

  1. You’re welcome and the process moved me out of my comfort zone. You gave me a chance to write something that never used the words CSS or html. lol Interfacing with your readers made me feel like a blogging ‘grownup’. Thanks!

    • @SBA
      I really enjoyed reading and learning from both of your guest posts. They contained excellent information, and it was delightful to witness the discussions that developed. I’m assuming that the email submission process we used was okay for you because you haven’t said anything negative about it. If you do have any ideas that I ought to include in a written policy and if you have any feedback about developing one please don’t hesitate to share them.

  2. Many thanks, Timethief. It’s been a pleasure to play a small part in the development of your site into such an outstanding resource for users and bloggers everywhere.

    It’s great to hear that your health is much improved. Nevertheless, I’ll continue to look out for guest post material and hope to contribute further in the future.

    With all best wishes from London — and spirits up.

  3. Wow, thanks for the links! :)

    You know I have ten active blogs of PR 0 to 4 [many are one time documentations but get okay traffic]. I already have you in my main blog’s link page from day 1. I’ll give your blogs a link from all the other 9 blogs in about a week [just lazy; even my main blog is not linked from all of them]!

    • @T3CK
      You’re welcome and thanks again for your support. Recovering from a head injury is a lengthy process and I have got by with help from my friends. :)

  4. My pleasure, but it is I who am grateful. You provided me a wonderful starting point for my writing. And, for that, I thank you sincerely…

    • @Teresa
      I was delighted to have you as a guest blogger on this time ~ this space and my only regret is that I have been too ill and overburdened with work to give you more help with your blogging. As my condition is vastly improved I will now have more time to read blogs, comment and provide blogging help when needed.

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