Backlinks from blog directories: What is their actual value?

linkAt the beginning of this week I sent a message to Tim Grice of SEOwizz regarding the actual value of backlinks from blog directories. Tim specializes in Google SEO Techniques – Search Engine Optimisation Services and provides Resources and Tutorials on his site that we can all use to hone our SEO skills.

I keep running into posts on blogging forums that encourage bloggers to register with every blogging directory there is for backlinks and traffic. As this has not been my approach to selecting blog directories, I decided to put the question to Tim and see what he had to say on the subject.

The question:

Please instruct me on the value of backlinks from blog directories for example one with a PageRank of 6. Now suppose I have 500 pages in my blog with a PageRank of 4, and I post a link to a blog directory on my front page in the sidebar which appears on every page in my blog.

Does this provide the directory with 500 backlinks? If so then what’s the true value of Blog Directory’s PageRank 6 backlink to my blog?

Can you explain in very simple terms what is going on in the above described scenario? Specifically, can you tell me if it is advantageous for me to list my blog in Directories for the purpose of securing backlinks?

The answer:

So my answer is straight forward, I do not recommend linking to every single blog directory out there, all you are doing is building their rank whilst diminishing your own. Read the full response here

Do Blog Directories Help SEO?

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10 thoughts on “Backlinks from blog directories: What is their actual value?

  1. DoFollow Directory February 16, 2010 — 3:42 am

    Nice information :D , thank you ..
    This so usefull ^^

  2. @Rezan
    I’m happy to hear this article was useful to you. I’d like to recommend that you also read Natural Linking Strategy for Bloggers

  3. thanks thats very important information

  4. TT, I checked that post out and it has come at the right time for me as I am busy submitting my new blog to directories. I have asked for some clarifications and hope he has the answers! But I can ask here too. Google has started a kind of ping service but it doesn’t say openly its a ping service. The word ping is in the url and the actual page just says submit blog. However I read that you can use this to ping and I am doing this. I wonder if this will offend google.

    1. @Nita
      Tim will answer you I’m sure. I don’t know anything about this Google ping service.

  5. At the begining of blogging, I used to link-back to most of the blogging directories but now I limited this and maybe ellimitate in the future.

    p.s. happy halloween to you and your family, timethief :)

    1. @Hicham
      I have placed all of my communities on a separate page now except for friendfeed and twitter which are on my front page. Thanks for the well wishes. We had a spooky Halloweeen.

  6. I was wondering about that… Now I’m not. Thnx.

    1. You’re welcome. I don’t think most bloggers who have a theme wherein the sidebar with all their blog directory “badges” appears on every page in their blog what’s actually happening. That’s why I went to Tim with my question.

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