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GetSocial Live Bookmarking

Please proceed to t > Social Bookmarks for Blogs

When using these  one-size-fits-all social book marking buttons once the first click has been made a reader is confronted with a lengthy list of networks and services to choose from that must be clicked again. The author of of GetSocial has now gone a step further and created GetSocial Live making the submission process more straight forward.

The one-size-fits-all social book marking buttons do encourage readers to submit your articles to social networking sites, provided they do not mind the additional click(s) required.  However, these days having to click more than once to bookmark an article for the social network of your choice is an annoyance to most surfing the web and reading blogs.

Discussion questions for bloggers:

  1. Do you use social book matking buttons on your posts?
  2. If so which buttons are you using?
  3. Have you tried Get Social Live?

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8 thoughts on “GetSocial Live Bookmarking

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  3. I found out about GetSocialLive last week from T3CK’s blog so I have been replacing the WP.share buttons with these nicer ones on some of my posts.

    I am not sure if my readers will share more now that I have the GetSocial buttons.

    There are two things I would like to change:
    1. Remove some of the buttons (newsvine, technorati and blinklist).
    2. Add a Diigo button.

    I don’t know HTML so I can’t alter the code without making a mess of things. For now, I will start adding the Diigo button separately.

    Thanks for asking.

    • Hello there,
      I’m not a member of Diigo and find that social networking can be a time suck that takes one’s eye off the ball so I’m not considering joining.

      My blogging goal is: To provide free instructional material and resources to bloggers, who are intent on improving their writing and blogging skills, and making their blogs more reader and search engine friendly (basic SEO).

      Experience has taught me that chatting with internet marketers all day long in various social networking sites was a waste of my valuable time, so I hunkered down long ago and developed a Social Media Time Management Strategy and I stick to it. I have zero interest in the male dominated Digg community. I prefer to use stumbleupon to find blogs of interest to me.

  4. Try ‘add to any’ that I am using! It is available as a bookmarklet; just one click in the edit mode after publishing the post and it’s done! I reduce the size and make it open in another window too. But the clicks are more than one! But easier to use on wordpress!

    • @Vikas
      I’ve tried them all except this new getsocial live one. The appearance of I liked best is found in this post and I did add these to all my posts for a long time. However, I observed that my visitors were not using social bookmark buttons. If they had been there would have been a record of that use in my Admin section under Clicks so I stopped using any at all.

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