The New StumbleUpon: A Review

Ksunflowerristi Hines is among my favorite stumblers and her blog Kikolani, is among my favorite blogs.

Kikolani is  about the art of blogging – the technical aspects with blogging and social networking tips, the beauty with photography and poetry, and the benefits for writers and readers.  Kristi has just published a review of the new stumble upon design and features.

Now granted, the beta / trial site may not have all of the features fully functional yet, but as far as what I have seen so far, here are some of my major likes and dislikes, plus a few debunked rumors.

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19 thoughts on “The New StumbleUpon: A Review

  1. Hi,

    Do you know of a good video tutorial for SU? I don’t understand how to do some really basic tasks.

    For example, I am getting some traffic on my blog from SU. When I click the link that appears in my referrers list, I get a page that says “Your page is on SU…create campaign”. But what I really want to find out is – what page has been submitted, who submitted it and who viewed it.

    Alternatively, I just want to search SU by post title but I don’t see where I can do that.

    Can you give me a hand?

    btw – I subscribed to your page but I’m not exactly sure what that means….

    1. Here’s a video
      and here’s one one the BETA version

      If you wish to see which of your posts has been stumbled you can do a google search. You enter the title of the blog from the url followed by one space and site: then type in Take note that there is no space after the colon

      Go to Google search and type in “onecoolsite” and click search
      search results
      click Web Show options…
      choose from
      Any time
      Recent results
      Past hour
      Past 24 hours
      Past week
      Past year
      › Specific date range and click

      Go to Google search and type in “thistimethisspace” and click search
      search results

      1. Thanks for your help. At least now you have confirmed for me that I’m not slow, you can’t really search directly in StumbleUpon. These google tips will come in handy and thanks for the video links as well.

  2. I use stumbleupon and enjoyed your article about the new one. Stumbleupon is great for finding sites like mine and understanding my competition.

  3. Good link to a useful article.

    I don’t know whether it is because I am lazy, phased, or because I have too many other things to think about, but I never got a handle on Stumbleupon even though I use it. Now it is clearer.

    I also use and despite that I am not sure how the two play together. Must suggest it to Kikolani

  4. I love stumbling. It’s because of Stumbleupon that I found this site which is extremely informative and easy to navigate. I’ll be adding your site to my Blogroll!

  5. Thanks so much for including my review of the new StumbleUpon on your site.

    @Vikas My blog name, Kikolani, comes from a combination of my middle name (Leilani) and my Grandmother’s name (Akiko). :)

    ~ Kristi

  6. Hey timethief,

    Thanks for pointing me to the post. I agree that Kikolani has a very interesting blog and I will follow up with her and leave a comment.

    IMHO StumbleUpon doesn’t do a good enough job of explaining how it should be used. I read a post the other day and several commentors were concerned that they would be banned for Stumbling too many of their own posts. At this point I need to learn more and articles like this one are a big help.


    1. @Ileane
      Sadly what we hear by word of mouth form other bloggers is “join stumbleupon to promote your blog”. One can purchase a campaign to bring people directly to your site with StumbleUpon Advertising No matter what size web site, we show your page directly to interested web surfers. But promoting one’s own blog was not what stumbleuponwas primarily designed for.

      This is what we get for instructions, aside from those that pertain to the toolbar, and the tutorial on the changes I’ve already linked to in the post. About StumbleUpon Take a Tour StumbleUpon’s Recommendation Technology

      IMHO every stumbler ought to read this article When the Ban Hammer Comes Down on StumbleUpon

      And every person who joins Digg ought to read this sone 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Banned from Digg

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